Caspar Corporate Plans

Recommended for businesses that require access to the system with multiple users frequently and obtaining all functionality benefits. Simply consider how many staff will require access and select the appropriate License Plan to suit. For a tailored pricing plan not shown below, please contact our office.

License PlanSeats Included 12 Month Subscription
(charged monthly ex GST)
24 Month Subscription
(charged monthly ex GST)
License Plan 11$250.00 per month$200.00 per month
License Plan 2 2$350.00 per month$300.00 per month
License Plan 55$750.00 per month$650.00 per month
License Plan 1010$1,300.00 per month$1,100.00 per month
License Plan 1515$1,650.00 per month$1,400.00 per month
License Plan 2020$2,000.00 per month$1,700.00 per month

Caspar Daypass Subscription

A daypass gives you access to use the Caspar system. Once activated the daypass will run continuously for the duration of each pass being 24hrs. Any unused daypasses will roll over to the following month in an active subscription period (Some features not enabled under daypass subscription)
Tier PlanNo. of Daypasses
per month
12 month subscription
(charged monthly ex GST)
Tier Plan 22$70.00 per month
Tier Plan 33$105.00 per month
Tier Plan 55$150.00 per month


Pricing for our IDFEX API is via 2 models.

PAYG option

No lock in contracts, no subscriptions, only pay for query calls made to the API (query calls range from 20 – 80 cents, per call depending on volumes)

Annual Business Plan

Fixed Tiered pricing plans starting from $5,000 per month (for all Annual Business plan prices, contact our office)


Prices for Datawashing typically range from 5 – 25 cents per record uploaded depending on volumes and contact information required. There are no lock in contracts or subscriptions and the system can be accessed adhoc or as needed.


Prices for Quester Marketing data typically range from 10 – 40 cents per record downloaded depending on volumes and type of campaign selected. There are no lock in contracts or subscriptions and the system can be accessed adhoc or as needed.