Going Beyond The Boundaries

Utilising over 2 billion records, our system ensures access to the most accurate and current consumer information available, thereby enhancing the reliability of search outcomes.

Unlike basic identity verification processes, our Person Search Query pushes contemporary boundaries, offering comprehensive insights that are integral for various operational needs. Our service is indispensable for businesses seeking to enrich their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, simplify their skip tracing efforts, achieve a holistic customer view, expedite KYC procedures, conduct detailed investigations, and execute precise identity verifications.

Through the employment of advanced algorithms and search techniques, the Person Search Query can swiftly navigate through extensive data sets, furnishing businesses with the critical information they need without the reliance on manual searches or data entry.

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Banking and Finance Sector: For the banking, finance, and insurance sectors, our Person Search Query emerges as an essential asset. It facilitates the swift and precise retrieval of critical contact information in real time via a singular API that seamlessly integrates into existing frameworks. This capacity to rapidly navigate through an extensive repository of both current and historical data enables organisations to significantly reduce the time and resources typically expended on manual searches or consultations with multiple data sources. Consequently, these sectors can achieve greater operational efficiency and resource optimisation by leveraging our comprehensive person search capabilities.


Credit and Collections: For businesses part of the Credit and Collections industry, our Person Search Query stands as a pivotal resource for swiftly accessing vital contact information. Through our streamlined API, collections agencies gain the ability to tap into a vast array of data sources, facilitating the prompt location of individuals and their contact details. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for managing large debt ledgers, enabling collection entities to establish communication rapidly and effectively with debtors.


KYC Support: Our Person Search Query plays a critical role in Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols, offering a rapid and precise method for identifying individuals and acquiring valuable contact information. Utilised effectively, this tool aids in the verification of customer identities or the assessment of potential customers, ensuring that businesses maintain accurate and current contact data. The adoption of our person search functionality within KYC procedures not only elevates the accuracy and efficiency of these processes but also supports adherence to relevant regulatory standards.


Accurate & Compliant

Our Person Search Query redefines the standards of consumer information retrieval. By exceeding the limitations of traditional identity verification, our system offers an invaluable resource for businesses committed to maintaining the highest levels of accuracy, efficiency, and regulatory compliance in their consumer information processes.

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