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Your comprehensive ‘alert and monitoring’ solution. WatchEye goes beyond traditional monitoring systems by offering a customisable experience that integrates ongoing surveillance of various critical data points or financial transactions. This solution ensures your regulatory compliance and supports your efforts to prevent financial crime.

About WatchEye

WatchEye is an advanced monitoring and alert system designed to keep your business secure and compliant. By integrating ongoing surveillance of various critical data points, WatchEye ensures that you are instantly notified of any changes or suspicious activities, allowing you to take prompt and effective action. Whether you need to comply with AUSTRAC  AML/CTF regulations, monitor financial transactions for suspicious activities or monitor debt recovery files, WatchEye has you covered with real-time, batch or scheduled alerts and comprehensive monitoring.


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Transaction Monitoring

Monitor financial transactions with detailed alerts for any suspicious activities, aiding in SMR AUSTRAC reporting. Obtain full audit history on each individual account.


AML/CTF Name Screening

Stay compliant with AUSTRAC regulations with alerts specifically designed for AML/CTF clients, screening for PEPs, Sanctions, and other adverse data information.

Customer File Monitoring

Keep track of modifications in customer files, including address updates, phone number changes, email modifications, deceased status, and alerts on specialised events such as court cases, property sales and more.

When Timing is Crucial

In today’s fast-paced business environment, timing is critical. Receiving monitored alerts through WatchEye ensures that your organisation can take proactive action swiftly. Whether it’s reporting suspicious activities to AUSTRAC under their SMR (Suspicious Matter Report), to the authorities or simply being aware of changes in a customer’s file, timely notifications are essential. WatchEye enables you to respond effectively to potential threats or important updates, maintaining the security and compliance of your operations. With WatchEye, you are always one step ahead, preventing issues before they escalate and ensuring that you are fully informed about your customers’ activities.

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Use Cases For WatchEye

Our monitoring and alert system has a wide range of applications, such as;

  • Fraud Prevention:  Proactively identify any potential fraud threats or suspicious activity.
  • Financial Transaction Monitoring: Oversee financial transactions and detect suspicious activities for AUSTRAC reporting.
  • Customer Management: Keep track of customer file changes, including address updates and contact information changes.
  • PEPS & Sanctions Alerts: Ensure regulatory compliance with alerts for PEPs, sanctions, for AML/CTF compliance.
  • Debt Recovery: Monitor debtor files for changes and protect payment plans.
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Key Features Of WatchEye

  • Real-Time Alerts: Instant notifications for any changes or suspicious activities in your customer files.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Continuous surveillance of critical data points, ensuring thorough coverage.
  • Customisable Rules: Tailor WatchEye to meet your specific needs with customisable alerts and monitoring rules.
  • Proactive Fraud Detection: Detects and responds to new threats, ensuring a secure business environment.
  • Multi-File Monitoring: Set up as many monitoring programs as needed within the one system and set customised frequency of alerts.

How does WatchEye work?

WatchEye simplifies the monitoring process into four easy steps, ensuring that your organisation remains secure and compliant with minimal effort.

Load or Identify Data File to be Monitored

Begin by loading your customer data files into the WatchEye system or identifying the specific files you wish to monitor. This step ensures that all relevant data points are included in the monitoring process.

Select the Type of Monitoring Program

Choose the specific type of monitoring program that suits your needs, such as transaction monitoring, PEPs and sanctions screening, or other specialised monitoring services. This allows you to tailor Watcheye’s capabilities to your unique requirements.

Select the Frequency of Alerts

Determine how often you want to receive alerts. Options include real-time notifications, daily summaries, or weekly reports. This flexibility ensures that you stay informed in a manner that best fits your operational workflow.

Run & Monitor

Activate the monitoring program and let WatchEye continuously track the specified data points. The system will automatically alert you to any changes or suspicious activities, allowing you to take prompt and effective action.


WatchEye is a leading product solution that specialises in

Transaction Monitoring

Utilise Global Data’s transaction monitoring to detect, analyse, and respond to suspicious activities, ensuring compliance and security.

Transaction Monitoring
AML Compliance

Ensure AUSTRAC compliance with Global Data’s AML solutions, offering robust monitoring, reporting, and risk management capabilities.

AML Compliance
Financial Crime Management

Leverage our financial crime management solutions for thorough Enhanced Customer Due Diligence, continuous monitoring, and effective management of Politically Exposed Persons.

Financial Crime Management
0M+ Phone & Email Coverage
0M+ Adverse Court records
0M+ Social Media / Employment
0M+ Real Estate Records
0BN+ Australian Universe Total
0M+ Deceased Records
Our Data

Trusted & Compliant Data Solutions

We understand the critical importance of reliable and privacy compliant data. Our solutions offer access to an extensive collection of nearly 2 billion Australian consumer data points, ensuring our clients receive the most thorough, accurate, and trustworthy consumer information available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions about WatchEye

Some common questions asked about our highly advanced alert and monitoring system.
How quickly can I start using WatchEye after signing up?

Once you sign up, setting up WatchEye is quick and straightforward. After loading your data files and configuring your monitoring preferences, you can start receiving alerts almost immediately. Our support team is available to assist you with the setup process to ensure a smooth transition.

Can my onboarding files automatically integrate with WatchEye?

Yes, WatchEye is designed for seamless integration with your existing systems. Whether you prefer a SaaS model or API integration, WatchEye can be incorporated into your current workflows with minimal disruption, providing a unified compliance and security solution.

What types of alerts can WatchEye provide?

WatchEye offers a range of alerts including real-time notifications, daily summaries, and weekly reports. These alerts cover various monitoring needs such as transaction monitoring, PEPs and sanctions screening, debt recovery file changes, and more, allowing you to stay informed about any critical updates.

How does WatchEye help with AUSTRAC compliance?

WatchEye is specifically designed to help you meet AUSTRAC compliance requirements. By providing real-time alerts for suspicious activities, monitoring transactions, and screening for PEPs and sanctions, WatchEye ensures that you adhere to regulatory standards and can respond swiftly to potential issues. It provides a full audit trail on each customer being monitored, ready to export or extract for regulatory compliance.

Does WatchEye support our Ongoing Monitoring Programs?

Yes. This is exactly what WatchEye was created to do. This system plays a vital process in your company’s KYC/AML compliance program.

What alert frequency can WatchEye support?

You have control to set the desired monitoring and alert frequency. Simply prioritise your alerts according to the level of risk on your customer files or transactions.

What is the cost of WatchEye?

It is a subscription-based system and the cost is quoted based on monitoring period and volume of files to be monitored. Please contact us for a demo and tailored pricing proposal.

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