Real Estate Agents

Many organisations in this sector, plug into our API as well as access our web based platform Caspar, to extract valuable property information, to add value to their existing client dashboards. Such information includes;

  • Current property occupancy contact information;
  • Property occupancy history information;
  • Recent Sales and Rentals;
  • Owner and property demographics;
  • Wealth demographics;
  • Duration of occupancy residency;
  • Targeted audience information / insights and download Opt-in consumer data to approach for Sales opportunities or home sales, through our Quester Marketing Platform.
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Identity / KYC Platform Providers

Many well-known Identity Service Providers plug into our API as a partner data source that powers their Online dashboard or Identity platform. Current and accurate data sources are critical to these organisations for Identity checks and our API provides a frictionless and seamless connection that gives them immediate access to our daily updated Australian Consumer data Universe. These organisations check the validity of supplied information such as names, addresses, dates of birth, contact information and much more. Many of our clients are discovering that for a few cents a record, they can enter the Australian market and provide a suite of Identity solutions, without spending unnecessary money elsewhere. 

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Debt Buyers / Credit Collection Companies

Many of our clients in these sectors, plug into our API as well as access our SaaS based platform Caspar, to extract valuable consumer information, to recover debt and locate Australian consumers generally. Such information includes;

  • Trace consumers whereabouts and property movements;
  • Extract current contact information for their debtor files;
  • Validate and Verify debtors;
  • Bulk Datawash large files to enhance their CRM of debtors / consumers;
  • Remove staff labour and plug into our API to automate tracing and consumer data enhancement activities;
  • Extract valuable and previously unknown information such as whether the consumer may be incarcerated, deceased or in an Aged care facility, to avoid unnecessary or embarrassing contact;
  • Check contact connectivity for all phone numbers and email addresses;
  • Discover business linkages, court judgements and so many other features;

The larger organisations now automate their workflows by plugging in to our API and have been saving millions of dollars per year in removing staff labour, that once performed these activities through the web based tracing portals in the market.

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Charities / NFP Organisations

Global Data assists many well-known charities through its Quester Marketing platform and Online Datawashing facility. These organisations often have various major appeals yearly, where they need to reach out to Australian consumers to donate to their cause. We assist them by providing a user-friendly marketing platform, that is not subscription based and allows them to target their desired audience and extract the consumer data required, to get in touch with them. Such activities include consumer data for;

  • Direct Mail campaigns;
  • Telemarketing campaigns;
  • SMS campaigns;
  • Email campaigns;
  • Data for Social Media campaigns.

These charities that access our Quester platform have an array of capabilities and can extract data at will, fully opted-in and with full privacy compliance. They can exclude against any files they have previously purchased from Global Data or elsewhere and purchase as little or as much as they require for set prices. We also assist charities with Donor retention through our Online Datawashing facility. Many Donors become uncontactable or “dormant” and a simple upload and datawash through our platform, reunites the charity with the donor, quickly and effortlessly. 

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As many are aware the banking industry are constantly faced with compliance challenges and often cannot exchange 2-way PII in KYC, validation and verification activities. Global Data recognize this and for our banking clients, provide them with seamless access to our Data Universe, only storing administrative metadata information, not the PII that was searched, viewed, or entered. There is no retention or storage of PII data at all, including where they datawash for consumer data repairs and enhancements. Our banking client’s access all our solutions on a KYC, validation and verification basis and all of them are on a customized, tailored solution. Whether they are accessing our Caspar or Quester SaaS platforms or our API, they gain insightful and meaningful consumer data points that they can then incorporate into their CRM files, with the protection of anonymity. All data environments they access during the procurement stage are test only, with no live data until required.

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Market Research Companies

Our Research clients access Quester significantly. Often, they are tasked with carrying out residential surveys and need data fast! Contact information for a specific audience, for a specific project. They simply log into our Quester Marketing platform, select their desired audience and download the data as required in minutes. With so many features to utilise, they can download data for specific targeted audiences and conversely, select anonymous data contact information for Random Digit Dialling (RDD). Quester is used by these organisations, 24×7 around the clock. Quester checks connectivity of all consumers and allows the researchers to target ethnic audiences where required for special surveys. Quester gives them the ability to target local government areas, electoral divisions SA1’s and much more. Discover how Quester can help your Market Research company with all consumer related surveys.

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CRM Platform Providers

Such a competitive industry. Our CRM clients have cutting edge technology and provide a suite of tools to help with their client’s experience whilst using their CRM product. We have helped so many CRM providers, plug into our API that gives them a competitive advantage in keeping data current, accurate, validated and assist with “gap filling.” No matter where or why the CRM is being used, our clients have the ability to offer their clients real-time access to our massive Australian Consumer data universe, allowing them to run queries against our data universe and the results are delivered back to the CRM.

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