About Us

We are a wholly owned Australian company and pride our self on operating all of our business practices in Australia. We are a prominent analytics and data service provider, we specialize in Australian Consumer data for direct marketing and in all areas where B2C data is required. We specialize in Direct Marketing and all areas of B2C data. Privacy Compliance & Defensibility is paramount to us in an era where data security cannot be compromised and a persons privacy cannot be overlooked.

Over the years, our clients have come from a variety of verticals including Charitable Organisations; Finance Sector; Franchises; Major Retail Outlets; Automotive Industry; Solar Companies; Insurance and Social Research Organisations just to name a select few. We also assist other industries in both SME, government sector, the banking and collections industry.

With Digital Marketing technology changing constantly and thrusting forward so quickly, we recognize that data is not “just data” anymore. Insights and customer behavioural patterns are becoming more important and marketing personnel are expecting more. Our team of digital marketing experts continue to develop features for our products that propel us forward into the new age of “Intelligent Data.”

Our experienced team of data explorers, source the very best data nationally, that range from public, proprietary and exclusive contributory verticals. We own all of our data, privacy compliance and data defensibility is paramount to ensure that all of our clients have the quality they expect, without the worry of privacy issues. Our data explorers, source data for you that our analytical team then validate, clean, append and enrich with insightful demographics and other proprietary attributes with sophisticated high end software products. Our massive consumer data universe feeds our online platforms that allows you, the end-user to extract B2C data, anytime, anywhere.

At Global Data, we have continued to broadcast that data is all about “Quality” and consumer data must always be kept up to date. We update our Master data universe daily, to ensure that you only get the highest quality and most up to date consumer data possible. “Our data is premium quality.” Test our data and compare the difference and RPC rates to what you are currently using, you will notice a welcoming change in ROI.