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About Us

We are a wholly owned Australian company that pride ourselves on compliance and business practices within Australia. We are a prominent analytics information service provider and specialise in Australian Consumer data in all areas where B2C data is required. Privacy Compliance & Data Defensibility is paramount to us, in an era where data security cannot be compromised and a person’s privacy cannot be disregarded.

Our founders and stakeholders have decades of experience working with data and understand many businesses pain points. Coming together in 2012, they were able to launch various automated solutions that would have a profound positive impact in the data industry and for those organizations suffering at the hands of bad data. They continue to develop technology and data capabilities that have transformed many organizations workflows.

Our trusted clients have come from a variety of industries including Charities; the Finance Sector; Franchises; Banks; Major Retail Outlets; Automotive Industry; Solar Companies; Insurance and Social Research Organisations just to name a select few. We also assist other industries in both the SME, government and NFP sector.

Our experienced team of data aggregators constantly review both data quality and automated tools that provide useful solutions in all areas of AI automation. With Digital technology changing regularly and thrusting forward so quickly, we recognize that data is not “just data” anymore. Insights and consumer behaviour patterns are becoming more important and marketing personnel are expecting more. Our team of digital marketing experts continue to develop features for our products that propel us forward into the new age of “Intelligent Data.”

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