Verify Australian IDs

Our Identity and Document Verification services deliver precise, rapid, and secure results, seamlessly integrating with your existing systems. Designed to support compliance with regulatory requirements, our services help reduce fraud and enhance customer onboarding experiences. These robust services are tailored to meet the needs of various industries, providing comprehensive protection and efficient processes.

dvs Document Verification Service (DVS)

Effortlessly verify Australian identity documents with our precise, real-time validation system.

Document Verification Service (DVS)
identity data verification Identity Data Verification

Strengthen your defenses against identity fraud while meeting AML and CTF requirements with our verification solution.

Identity Data Verification
biometrics Biometrics

Fast and precise identity checks through our secure Facial Verification system.


Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)

Discover the synergy of advanced analytics and security with our Social Media Intelligence platform, where real-time verification meets insightful consumer profiling to empower your business decisions and fraud prevention strategies.

  • Elevate Identity Verification – Harness our real-time Social Media Identity Verifications to enrich consumer profiles, validate verified contact information against social media profiles, and enhance your KYC data processes.
  • Risk Mitigation – Identify and manage fraudulent social media accounts with our advanced SOCMINT software, reinforcing your fraud prevention measures.
  • Comprehensive Consumer Insights – Achieve a 360-degree customer perspective, underpinned by validated contact details, enhancing reliability and supporting informed decision-making with robust data insights.
  • SaaS and API Integration – Integrate our powerful Social Media Intelligence into your existing systems for seamless operation and superior data utilisation.
prevent fraud

Synthetic Fraud

Address synthetic fraud effectively with our tailored digital analysis and proactive detection solutions for Australian businesses.

  • Tailored for Australian Businesses – Custom-designed solutions for the Australian market, ensuring local regulatory compliance and optimal fraud combat strategies.
  • Digital Footprint Analysis – Our Digital Footprint Analysis scrutinises email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles to authenticate user identities, utilising reverse searches to confirm the legitimacy of digital presences.
  • Comprehensive Detection – Utilise real-time API queries and advanced SaaS verification with Caspar for deep risk assessment and synthetic fraud detection.
  • Innovative Technology – Benefit from Caspar’s skip tracing, Single Customer View (SCV), and investigation tools for robust fraud prevention.
  • KYC & Compliance – Our KYC solutions enhance onboarding and compliance with AML regulations.
types of fraud

Types of Fraud

Address a variety of fraudulent activities, from blended to completely fabricated identities, with our dedicated solutions.

  • Manipulated or Blended – Identities with mixed real and fake details.
  • Fabricated – Entirely fictional identities.
  • Self-Synthetic – Altered personal information to evade negative financial history.
Identity Fraud Prevention
identity fraud

Identity Fraud Prevention

Advance your business’ defense against fraud with our identity verification technology, streamlining safety in transactions and preserving your reputation.

  • Comprehensive Fraud Prevention – Protect your business from sophisticated fraudsters with our real-time detection tools that flag fake information, ensuring the integrity of financial transactions and customer data.
  • Frictionless Identity Pre-screening – Our pre-DVS solution, paired with IDFEX technology, provides smooth customer onboarding, validating identities and pinpointing anomalies to prevent identity fraud effectively.
  • Digital Identity Verification – Strengthen your verification processes by confirming key application details like employment history, social media profiles, and residential addresses to safeguard against loan application fraud and identity theft.
  • Australian Death Check Service – With over 3 million national death records updated daily, this service is a potent tool against identity fraud, ensuring the accuracy of customer databases and providing peace of mind for grieving families.
  • Protect Your Brand – Ensure that your customer data is current and secure, thereby maintaining trust and preventing financial and reputational damage to your business.
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