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The task of accurately identifying the correct social media profiles for individuals of interest poses a considerable challenge for numerous data service providers. However, our advanced data querying technology eliminates this hurdle, ensuring precise association of individuals with their respective profiles.

Our API provides you with access to almost 2 Billion social media profiles. This capability enhances the accuracy and efficiency of your verification procedures. Query our sophisticated API to conduct extensive checks on social media profiles and gain employment history and contact information with as little as a public social media URL handle.

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Ensure safety - Verify Social Media Profiles

Social media validation and background behaviour screening serve as essential mechanisms for safeguarding individuals from potential risks. For example, parents may employ these strategies to meticulously evaluate potential babysitters or nannies, ensuring their social media profiles and behaviours align with expectations before placing their child’s safety in their hands. Similarly, individuals engaging with new acquaintances online can utilise social media validation to authenticate the identities of these contacts. This proactive approach significantly mitigates the danger of interacting with individuals who might present a risk during in-person encounters.

Assisting Law Enforcement

Reverse searching of social media profiles is a critical tool for law enforcement agencies in tracking down criminals who utilise fake accounts to engage in serious offenses, including stalking, catphishing, financial crimes, and other illicit activities. This technique offers vital leads and intelligence, serving as a foundational step for deeper investigative efforts. By analysing the digital footprint left by these individuals, authorities can uncover connections, patterns, and evidence crucial for apprehending suspects and preventing further criminal actions.

Accurate Social Media Association

Our social media check API enhances the accuracy of identifying social media profiles by meticulously cross-referencing the queried profile with a comprehensive array of associated data metrics drawn from diverse sources. Upon initiating a query with identifiers such as phone numbers and email addresses, the system embarks on a thorough search for social media profiles linked to these details. This rigorous cross-referencing procedure is instrumental in validating the authenticity of the discovered social media profiles, thereby guaranteeing that the information furnished is both dependable and current.

Social Media & Employment Checks

A Useful Way to Validate Employment Information

Our Social Media call query not only provides social media profile links, associated email addresses and phone numbers, but it can also include current and previous employment details, where available. This can help individuals and businesses gain a better understanding of a person’s professional background and experience. This can be particularly useful for verifying information provided on a job application or resume, as well as assessing a person’s overall suitability for a particular role or position.

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"The API's flexibility to plug-in with our existing systems has allowed us to streamline our data management and analysis process, saving us a lot of time and resources."

Real Estate Client

"The API service has been instrumental in streamlining our workflow and improving the overall efficiency of our business."

Banking Client
Head of Recoveries

"Plugging into the API has allowed us to access a wide range of data sources and has significantly improved our identity verification match rates."

IDV Client
Head of Data

"The technical support team for the API service is excellent. They have been very responsive and helpful and have always been able to assist us with any issues or concerns."

IDV & KYC Client

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We understand the critical importance of reliable and privacy compliant data. Our solutions offer access to an extensive collection of nearly 2 billion Australian consumer data points, ensuring our clients receive the most thorough, accurate, and trustworthy consumer information available.

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"Plugging into the API has allowed us to access a wide range of data sources and has significantly improved our identity verification match rates."

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For over a decade, we’ve been helping organisations overcome their data challenges, particularly when it comes to enhancing the strength and completeness of Australian Consumer data.


Effortlessly target your ideal consumer audience and launch your campaign with our user-friendly platform, where you can quickly and easily download Australian marketing lists in minutes.



With Caspar, tracking down missing debtors and persons of interest has never been easier. Easily uncover their contact information and reconnect with them in a snap.



Our self-service datawashing platform allows for the repair, validation and enrichment of outdated Australian Consumer data. Improve the quality of your data in minutes.



Stay compliant and secure with our comprehensive identity verification and risk assessment solution, featuring validation, verification and matching of various metrics.


ADC Death Check

Protect your business reputation with our Australian Death Check solution. Maintain data accuracy as required by law, improve customer experience, save money and fight fraud.

ADC Death Check


Easily integrate our reliable RESTful API into your software for seamless access to our extensive Australian Consumer Data Universe. Suitable for automating data processes for any industry.



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