Customer Onboarding

Optimise the integration of new clients with our rapid and secure identity verification solution, ensuring an efficient and positive initial experience. Our seamless digital procedures facilitate quick and secure customer onboarding, enhancing the overall customer experience. Compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations is ensured through automated data capture and intuitive user interfaces, making the onboarding process both efficient and compliant.

Fast & Secure Customer Onboarding:
What Customers Expect

Key to a Positive First Interaction

In the modern digital landscape, the initial engagement with your service profoundly influences the entire customer journey. The account onboarding process is a pivotal touchpoint that serves not only to make a positive first impression but also to establish trust and security through a robust identity verification system.

Balancing Speed with Security

Our sophisticated identity verification solutions guarantee a swift yet secure onboarding process. This balance aligns with the expectations of today’s customers for rapid digital services without compromising on security, ensuring a reduction in abandonment rates and an increase in customer satisfaction from the outset.

Safeguarding Against Fraud

Effective identity verification serves as a critical barrier against fraudulent activities, thereby ensuring the protection of the platform and its users from security threats. This proactive approach to security promotes a safer online ecosystem, allowing users to interact with greater assurance.

User-Centric Onboarding Experience

A streamlined identity verification system is crucial for a frictionless onboarding experience, welcoming new customers to a secure and user-oriented environment. We are dedicated to continuously refining our onboarding process to surpass customer expectations.

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Document Verification

Document Verification

Utilise our system for instant, accurate verification of Australian identity documents, such as but not limited to;

  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificates and various other Government issued documents

Fast and secure Document Authenticity that is available in both SaaS and API.

Document Verification Service (DVS)
Identity Data Verification

Identity Data Verification

Strengthen your defences against identity fraud while meeting AML and CTF requirements with our verification solution.

Identity Data Verification
Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer

Utilises demographic information, unique data points, and real-time updates on contact information, offering a complete view of customers.

KYC & KYB Tools

Common Questions About Customer Onboarding

Explore the distinctive features that set our customer onboarding approach from others and experience why we are at the forefront in providing secure and efficient identity verification solutions. Discover why businesses are selecting us as their trusted partner for facilitating a seamless integration of new customers into their platforms.
What are the available systems for client integration?

We provide both API and cloud-based SaaS solutions, designed to fulfil your requirements and cost expectations.

Which data sources do you utilise for customer authentication?

We use a wide range of reliable data sources for customer verification, including government records, superannuation and payroll information, credit bureaus, and other verified entities. Our data sources are expansive, unique, and comprehensive to achieve high match rates. From PEPs and Sanctions to high-net asset data, we have your needs covered.

How do you confirm the authenticity of customer details?

Clients have the option to submit identity documents for validation via the Document Verification Service (DVS) if they are collecting document I.D’s or provide personal details for checking and matching against a multitude of reputable databases, some only unique to our organisation.

What is the subsequent step after a customer’s details have been authenticated?

Following a successful verification, the onboarding process for the new customer can commence with the reassurance of their identity’s validation.

What course of action should be taken if a customer's details are not authenticated?

In cases where verification fails, it is advised to verify the accuracy and clarity of the submitted information. Review our detailed feedback to understand the cause of failure and make the necessary corrections before further customer interaction.

Can Global Data provide "Ongoing Monitoring" on verified customers?

Yes, you can retain our services for continued monitoring if required. Such monitoring can be to alert your organisation if the customer becomes a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) or recorded on any sanctions list. We also provide additional monitoring services on key account information, particularly on where a customers details may change.

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