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The Global Data Universe contains over 800 million current and historical records on Australian consumers. The data is leveraged through our ISO27001 SaaS and API systems to Locate, Connect & Verify consumers across Australia. Our advanced technology, combined with our extensive consumer data depth, will help facilitate your risk assessment and marketing decisions. We are highly focused on assisting industries where consumer data is required for Identity Verification, KYC and B2C marketing purposes. Our solutions enable your business to expand into new markets and new territories whilst ensuring you have data confidence.

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Why Choose Us?

Unique & Compliant Data

We hold over 800 million current and historical records. We are industry leaders on Australian Consumer Data Information and continuously strive to collect and enhance large quantities of data to create the most comprehensive, complete and up-to-date consumer data information available for our clients. We maintain and aggregate our data in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and in particular the Australian Privacy Principles (APP's),

Innovative SaaS & API Solutions

We help you work more efficiently and intelligently, by giving you access to our powerful and easy to use SaaS portal. A single platform where we have fully integrated all of our unique data-sets and innovative products solutions. Your staff can easily select the appropriate products for the tasks required and efficiently perform their workflow tasks. For larger companies experiencing growth or that have the technical capacity, you also have the  comfort of knowing that automating via SFTP or a Restful API is also available, that can assist quickly and frictionlessly. Our team delivers projects within days, not weeks and months as many others do. Our agility has helped many large organizations save millions of dollars annually. 

B2C data is our speciality

We focus on Australian Consumer data. Is it our core speciality and nobody knows Australian B2C data better than us. For over a decade now, we have assisted many organizations with their data pain points specifically in marketing to Australian consumers and verifying consumers across Australia. Data privacy and compliance is mandatory for our organization and our clients. As an ISO27001 certified company, we warranty data compliance for your protection. 

ISO27001 Certified Data and Systems

What data vendor are you using? Where are they getting their data from? Is it privacy compliant and what warranties or assurances do you have other than their word? At Global Data, we are ISO27001:2013 certified by Compass Assurance Services on our Information Security and Management Systems, for your protection and ours. Don't risk using a data vendor that cannot provide data warranty assurances and potentially land you in trouble with consumers or regulatory bodies such as the OAIC or ACMA.
If you are not leveraging data and analytics in your processes, then your business systems are empty, just like having a car without fuel.
Tony Bulzomi (CEO of Global Data)


Risk & Recoveries 

Our products include Caspar Skiptracing, IDFEX ID Check and the Australian Death Check . Through a single portal, you can locate consumers across Australia, check their identity information provided, check on potential adverse court proceedings, access the information for enrichment, or contact them to confirm their details. You can check their personal contact and residency information together with their social media and employment history. A fraud assessment tool, all in one easy to use portal. 

Automation  (API)

Integrating with our Global Data API will enable you to leverage our data with total automation. Individual query calls that power all our SaaS platforms, such as Quester and Caspar, are available within our API and can be integrated with your CRM. Json responses are quickly returned with the required data results in a Restful API. With over 20+ selection queries, you can plug into one or all to perform the same services we do. 

Data Enrichment

Datawashing repairs and enhancements delivered in minutes. Save time and money doing it yourself quickly and easily online. Our Self-Service data washing portal will quickly repair and enhance outdated data into new & fresh data in minutes. Reconnect with customers instantly by appending new phone details, new email data, new residential addresses, social media and much more. Available in our SaaS Portal and also via SFTP and API if required. 

Consumer Marketing Lists

Our SaaS marketing platform Quester will help you target your audience across Australia quickly and easily. Build and download Direct Mail, Email and Telemarketing lists in minutes, with full demographics. Our Quester marketing portal gives you access to over 20 million current opted-in marketing records. Accurate and opted-in compliant marketing data. 

B2C Marketing List Builder

Skiptracing & KYC Portal

Identity Check

Datawashing & Appending Services

Global Data API

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