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Our marketing platform will help you understand your customer quickly and easily. Harnessing the power of the most complete and up to date consumer data available in Australia, our data-driven marketing expertise will empower you to interact accurately with your audience every time. Get higher ROI and higher RPC rates only with Quester.


Our Caspar Premier People Searching platform has been designed specifically for those in the credit collections, investigations and banking industry. Our search portal gives you access to over 450+ million current and historical records, searchable from a variety of different intelligent variables. Unlimited searching and unlimited users per seat, a must for anybody that needs to go beyond the boundaries of searching for or identifying an individual.


Let Global Data enhance, clean, repair and append new data to your existing files seamlessly and in minutes. Avoid costly expenditure and bring your old data back to life with the highest append rates in Australia. We append over 50% new information in most data washes that enables you to reconnect with your customers quickly and accurately. Explore our Data Wash features and achieve higher ROI and improve your contact and response rates dramatically.


One of the biggest challenges we face in modern times, is determining whether a person is, who in fact they say they are, in identity application forms, whether it is online or in documentation. Most are honest and provide accurate and truthful information, however, there are some that are not. Risk Assessment is now becoming an important part of business procedure and due diligence.

How can we help you?

Wanting to campaign to a specific audience to locate new clients or donors for your charity? Click below to read more about our Quester Marketing platform. Your one stop shop for all your marketing needs.

Looking for people across Australia? Need to identify someone or find out more information about them? Click below to read more about our Caspar Online Search platform. The most complete skiptracing tool you will ever need.

Need to update your current CRM of customers? Wanting to clean, repair and append your old data? Click below to read more about our marketing datawash facility.

Need to update your current CRM of customers? Wanting to clean, repair and append your old data? Click below to read more about our credit collections and universe datawash facility.

Want to integrate directly to any of our products? Want to receive real time alerts on records? Click below & get access to IDFEX.

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