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Keep your Australian Consumer data at the forefront of accuracy and relevance with our Person Enrichment API. This powerful query ensures your data records are not only refreshed swiftly but continuously updated to reflect the most current information available. Our API specialises in real-time updates, such as amended phone numbers, email addresses, and new residency details, making your data perpetually actionable and reliable.

By automating the inclusion of critical updates, our API constructs a comprehensive and detailed view of each customer. For instance, if a customer changes their contact details or moves to a new address, our system can instantly update these changes, ensuring you always have the most current information at your fingertips. This capability enhances your ability to engage effectively with customers, leveraging the latest data to strengthen relationships and improve customer service. With the Person Enrichment API, your business gains a critical advantage by keeping consumer profiles meticulously accurate and detailed, thus driving better business decisions and enhancing customer trust.

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Banking & Finance

Financial institutions operate in a dynamic regulatory environment where accuracy and compliance are paramount. Our Person Enrichment Query is ideally suited for banks, lenders, and financial services companies that require continuous updates to customer data. This ensures compliance with stringent legal standards and enhances customer service by keeping client profiles current. Regular data refreshment through our API helps in maintaining up-to-the-minute records, crucial for addressing customer inquiries swiftly, offering timely financial advice, and avoiding costly data discrepancies.

Credit & Collections

In the credit and collections industry, the quality of consumer data can directly impact the bottom line. Equip your agency with our Person Enrichment Query to access the latest consumer information, significantly improving recovery rates. By updating and verifying debtor details, such as current addresses and contact information, you can reduce the time and expense associated with pursuing outdated leads. Re-engage dormant accounts effectively and increase your chances of recovering assets by maintaining a database that is as accurate and complete as possible.


For marketing teams, the ability to reconnect with former customers or engage new prospects is dependent on having reliable and updated contact information. Our Person Enrichment Query revitalizes your contact lists by refreshing and expanding consumer data. This enables more effective segmentation, targeting, and personalisation strategies, leading to higher engagement rates. Whether you’re launching a re-engagement campaign for lapsed customers or aiming to expand your market reach, our API ensures you have the necessary data to execute these strategies successfully, making every marketing dollar count.

Enrichment made easy

Why Choose Our Person Enrichment Query?

With just a few clicks, your business can tap into our extensive database of Australian consumer records, enriching your customer files with deep insights and up-to-date contact information. The value of our API extends beyond simple data updates. By enhancing your customer data, our Person Enrichment Query enables more effective targeting in your marketing campaigns and communication strategies. This leads to better customer engagement, increased retention rates, and more successful re-engagement of former customers.

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