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Unique to our service, the Person Match Query operates without the need for consumer consent at the time of verification. This efficient process is made possible as the data utilised for verification has previously been consented to by consumers, simplifying the verification process while adhering to privacy regulations.

Tailor the query to meet your specific needs. Whether you require a comprehensive check of the entire consumer record profile or just specific parts, our query can be customised to suit your requirements, offering flexibility and precision in your verification processes.

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Identity Verification Services: A cornerstone for identity verification firms, especially within Australia, our Person Match Query utilises advanced algorithms and extensive data resources to deliver highly accurate results. These capabilities are essential for verifying consumer details, streamlining approval processes, and ensuring the information provided is current and verified.


Banking and Finance Sector: In the banking and finance sector, our query aids in enhancing compliance and mitigating risk by verifying the accuracy and recency of customer information. It simplifies customer verification, thereby improving service quality, elevating approval rates, and reducing the incidence of fraud.


Pre-screening Tool: Serving as a cost-effective alternative to conventional verification methods, the person match query expedites the pre-screening process across various industries. It ensures the accuracy of customer details, facilitating a more efficient approval process and significant cost savings.

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Cost-Effective, Efficient & Accurate

The Person Match Query offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for verifying the personal details of Australian consumers. By providing accurate match or no-match results, it simplifies the verification process for an array of industries, enhancing pre-screening efforts, reducing costs, and increasing operational efficiency. As an essential tool for companies in need of reliable customer verification, the Person Match Query is your partner in improving data accuracy and compliance, tailored to your specific business needs.

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