Build Targeted Consumer Marketing Lists

Utilise our sophisticated campaign filters to construct your marketing lists. For instance, effortlessly pinpoint specific demographic audiences across Australia using unique filters, unmatched by any other SaaS platform. Quester is renowned for its extensive range of audience targeting tools.

  • Identify & Select the required type of data through intuitive tabbed click drop-down options, covering telemarketing data, email data, SMS data, and direct mail lists.
  • Access Specific Indicators such as Home Owner data; Sale & Rental information; or particular education and affluence demographics.
  • Filter Tools to find specific audiences by importing your data for inclusion or exclusion, aiding in the discovery of more lookalike targets.
  • Data Compliance is achieved through the use of selecting our automated Do Not Call Register (DNCR) flagging and also our phone and email connectivity tester. Known deceased are removed, ensuring opt-in privacy compliance.


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Know your customer data

Segment your Lists

Build your Australian marketing list swiftly and effortlessly online through Quester’s advanced step-by-step process. By utilising demographic information, including age, gender, income level, ethnicity, homeownership status, and more, you will be equipped to create a specific and tailor-made campaign designed to resonate with your target audience. Quester is a;

  • Count Engine that discovers how much data is available before you begin purchasing or downloading any data.
  • Data Sanitiser that removes disconnected phone numbers, undeliverable emails and known deceased records.
  • Profile & Targeting Tool that illuminates your vision in identifying the correct Australian consumer likely to engage in your products and services.
data accuracy

Largest Data Coverage

Get online access to Australia’s largest and most accurate consumer marketing data set, updated daily.

data enrichment

Audience Targeting

Tools designed for accurately identifying your target audience among over 20 million+ Australian consumers.

compliant data

Opt-in Privacy Data

Access fully opted-in and privacy-compliant data, as Quester exclusively delivers permissioned marketing data that adheres to strict opt-in policies.


Why Clients Use & Trust Quester

Quester enables you to swiftly and effortlessly target your desired Australian consumer audience. Select your campaign type and then, simply download your Australian marketing lists within minutes. Eliminate the wait for a third party to supply you with the data necessary for executing your marketing campaigns. Our online platform, Quester, allows you to create custom marketing lists in seconds and preview available data and counts in your preferred localities before making any purchase. Quester stands as a self-service marketing portal, granting you the authority to manage data extraction independently, placing the power of data privacy and need at your fingertips.

Customer Insights

Unlock your Customer Insights with Intelligent Data Analysis

  • Discover the locations of your potential new customers and devise effective strategies to reach them. By analysing your existing client database, you can reveal crucial demographics and subsequently identify lookalike audiences within Quester.
  • Analyse your existing client database and uncover valuable demographics to find lookalikes inside Quester.
  • Leverage our intelligent system to search for supplementary data information that complements successful marketing campaigns.
  • Filter out irrelevant demographic and contact information and say goodbye to ineffective data with our advanced system ensuring your marketing efforts are as targeted and efficient as possible.
  • Insights that are pivotal in propelling your business forward by accurately identifying and engaging the right Australian consumer audience.

How does it work?

Our user-friendly marketing platform allows businesses to create custom campaigns and download the relevant consumer data in minutes, streamlining the process of reaching and engaging target audiences with precision.

select location quester

Select Location

Filter the platform to target via a postcode, suburb, state, rural area, electorate or hone in at an SA level.

Apply Demographics

Explore a range of unique demographics that can be applied to further enhance your campaign. These include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income & Socio-Economic Position
  • Real Estate Details
  • Education
  • Solar Power & Swimming Pool Tags
  • Business Linkages
Exclude Duplicates

Exclude Duplicates

If you’ve downloaded data previously and want to avoid downloading duplicate records, simply upload an exclusion filter and Quester will supply you with unique records only.

add credit

Add Credit

Quester is a PAYG system, so simply upload the relevant credit and proceed.

download job

Download Job

Quester will notify you once your job is complete. Simply login and download your completed order.

direct mail

Direct Mail Data

Eliminate Return to Sender records with our comprehensive, residential data for flawless direct mailing.


Telemarketing Data

Connect with the perfect audience at the optimal time using our thorough, precise and current telemarketing leads.


Email Marketing Data

Reach your ideal audience and boost your open and click-through rates with our accurate and verified email data.


SMS Data

Reach your ideal audience on their mobile devices with our comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date SMS leads.

What our customers say

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"Quester is simply brilliant. I order my data late at night and get my telemarketing department calling in the morning."

Energy Client
Manager Call Centre Operations

“We have been using Quester since 2016, without it, we wouldn’t be able to supply our clients with the data they need.”

List Broker

“I love that you can run data counts and profile how much data is available and not pay for any of it until you download the data records that you need.”

Charity NFP Client
Head of Acquisition Marketing

“The data in Quester has always been excellent and we wouldn’t buy anywhere else because of how strong the contact and conversion rates are.”

Solar Client
Head of Data

“We cannot believe that a system like this exists. Wish we discovered it years ago. Game changer for our research department as they have so many audience filters that can be used to target the exact audience they need to get to.”

Marketing Research Client
Head of Government Surveys


Australian Consumer Data at your fingertips

Quester Infographic
Quester Infographic

Looking for a specific feature? Ask us

Product Purpose

Quester is a leading product solution that specialises in

Direct Mail Lists

Direct mail lists featuring accurate, up-to-date contact information for targeted marketing success.

Direct Mail Lists
Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing lists with verified contact information for effective lead generation and sales conversions.

Telemarketing Lists
Email Marketing Lists

Targeted email lists with accurate and verified data, enhance your marketing efforts and reach more potential customers.

Email Marketing Lists
SMS Data Lists

SMS Data Lists offering accurate & verified phone numbers for effective marketing campaigns. Boost conversions with targeted messaging.

SMS Data Lists
ACMA Compliant Marketing Lists

Get ACMA compliant marketing lists for your next campaign. High-quality, up-to-date contacts, fully compliant with Australian regulations.

ACMA Compliant Marketing Lists
Powerful Audience Targeting Tools

Revolutionise your marketing lists with our advanced audience targeting tools. Precision-target your audience for maximum impact.

Powerful Audience Targeting Tools
Consumer Marketing Data

Unlock valuable consumer insights with our extensive marketing data lists. Reach target audience, drive sales and grow your business.

Consumer Marketing Data
Self-Service Cloud Portal

Discover your target audience with our Self-service Cloud Portal. Effortlessly manage and segment your marketing lists for personalised campaigns.

Self-Service Cloud Portal
Australian Marketing Data

High-quality, targeted Australian marketing data lists for effective, personalised campaigns. Get access to verified email and postal addresses, phone numbers and more.

Australian Marketing Data
Frequently Asked Questions?

Common Questions About Quester

Quester enhances your efficiency and intelligence in operations by providing access to Australia's most extensive and fully opted-in consumer data universe. With Quester, data is immediately at your disposal, enabling immediate campaign creation.
How frequently is the data updated in Quester?

We update our data on a daily basis and integrate hundreds of thousands of new, opted-in records every Monday morning. Additionally, we display data-card changes on a monthly basis inside of of our SaaS systems.

How does the pricing work?

Quester is a fully self-service platform, meticulously crafted to support businesses in data extraction around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pricing is customised to accommodate your specific data volumes and frequency of access. Simply load credit and consume as needed, ensuring a flexible and cost-efficient solution tailored to your unique requirements. For enterprise credit accounts, billing is EOM in arrears.

What is the source of data inside Quester?

The data is directly sourced from consumers who have expressly provided their consent for use in general marketing activities. We meticulously curate hundreds of privacy-permissioned data sources, ensuring that all Australian consumers included have explicitly agreed to be contacted. This approach underscores our commitment to upholding the highest standards of data privacy and consumer consent.

Are the leads inside Quester Cold or Warm leads?

Australian consumers have given their consent to receive general marketing communications, rendering the leads warm from this standpoint. Nonetheless, it is important to note that this consent covers general marketing outreach rather than communications tailored to any specific industry, product, or service. This distinction highlights the importance of crafting your messaging to engage effectively with a broad audience while respecting the parameters of their consent.

Is Quester compliant with data Privacy Laws?

Yes, Quester adheres to all pertinent Australian data privacy regulations, including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), National Australian Privacy Principles (APP) regulations, and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) guidelines. Our data collection methodology is fully compliant with ISO27001 controls, ensuring a robust security management system. Furthermore, all clients desiring access to our data undergo a thorough vetting process to validate their business case need, ensuring that the use of our data aligns with strict compliance and ethical standards.

What is Quester's data accuracy rate?

The ‘Right Party Contact’ (RPC) rate for Quester is currently at an impressive 90%. This rate is regarded as high within the data aggregation industry and has been accomplished through our meticulous cross-verification of data sources. This process ensures the accuracy and reliability of the data we provide, reflecting our commitment to quality and effectiveness in meeting our clients’ needs.

Does the customer own the data they purchase within Quester?

No. Quester is rental data only. We strongly encourage a thorough review of the full terms and conditions of use prior to making any purchases, as Global Data holds a responsibility towards the privacy consents of Australian consumers. Should you require further explanation or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are training sessions available?

Yes, we provide complimentary training sessions designed to assist you in navigating and utilising the system effectively. These sessions can be scheduled at your convenience with our friendly staff, ensuring you have the support and knowledge necessary to make the most of our platform.

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Our Data

Trusted & Compliant Data Solutions

We understand the critical importance of reliable and privacy compliant data. Our solutions offer access to an extensive collection of nearly 2 billion Australian consumer data points, ensuring our clients receive the most thorough, accurate, and trustworthy consumer information available.

Product Solutions

Our Products

For over a decade, we’ve been helping organisations overcome their data challenges, particularly when it comes to enhancing the strength and completeness of Australian Consumer data.



Effortlessly target your ideal consumer audience and launch your campaign with our user-friendly platform, where you can quickly and easily download Australian marketing lists in minutes.



With Caspar, tracking down missing debtors and persons of interest has never been easier. Easily uncover their contact information and reconnect with them in a snap.



Our self-service datawashing platform allows for the repair, validation and enrichment of outdated Australian Consumer data. Improve the quality of your data in minutes.



Stay compliant and secure with our comprehensive identity verification and risk assessment solution, featuring validation, verification and matching of various metrics.


ADC Death Check

Protect your business reputation with our Australian Death Check solution. Maintain data accuracy as required by law, improve customer experience, save money and fight fraud.

ADC Death Check


Easily integrate our reliable RESTful API into your software for seamless access to our extensive Australian Consumer Data Universe. Suitable for automating data processes for any industry.

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“We cannot believe that a system like this exists. Wish we discovered it years ago. Game changer for our Research Department.”

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