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Caspar’s skip tracing software offers precision location and verification services, ensuring efficient data retrieval and enhanced operational capabilities for various industries.

Skip Tracing
Death Check Deceased Checks

The Australian Death Check is an official resource for verifying national death records, ensuring accuracy in customer databases and preventing fraud.

Deceased Checks
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Investigation Tools

Our Investigation Tools, augmented by Caspar, provide a robust suite for sectors that demand thorough data analysis and verification. These tools encompass:

  • Comprehensive Data Spectrum – In addition to consumer data, the suite includes social media, business, employment, real estate, and demographic information, alongside third-party data sets for a well-rounded investigative resource.
  • Enhanced Contact Insights – It enriches investigations with additional contact emails and phone information, ensuring multiple touchpoints for data verification.
  • Legal Data Access – Offers access to civil and criminal court information, vital for comprehensive legal assessments and due diligence processes.
  • Skiptracing and Quick Access – Features swift skiptracing capabilities and integrates with vast data sources for immediate information retrieval.
  • Diverse Investigative Capabilities – Supports a variety of investigative tasks, including background checks, risk management, KYC verifications, genealogy research, and fraud investigations, equipped with premium tools designed for industries such as banking, insurance, and debt collection.

Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment solution, embodied in Caspar, is a multifaceted platform that enables businesses to:

Fraud Detection

Utilise extensive data sources for real-time fraud identification and prevention, ensuring data accuracy and authenticity.

AML Compliance

Aid in anti-money laundering efforts, vital for regulatory adherence and minimising financial crime risks.

Customer Risk Profiling

Analyse Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for accurate customer risk assessments, contributing to informed decision-making and comprehensive customer understanding.

Comprehensive Data Access

Offer a Single Point of Access (SPA) for an extensive Australian Consumer dataset, which includes nearly 1 billion records, facilitating deep-dive data analysis and valuable customer insights.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline the risk assessment process with features for reporting, exporting, and downloading One Customer View (OCV) reports, enhancing business operations and customer data management.

Fraud Signals

Advanced monitoring for data anomalies, ensuring prompt identification of data irregularities and risk prevention.

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Employment Checks

Our Employment Check provides a critical layer of due diligence for employers, ensuring the authenticity of candidate information. Key components include:

  • Accurate Background Checks – Verifies candidate details against provided information to prevent hiring based on false credentials.
  • Social Media Verification – Cross-checks applicant’s social media profiles for consistency with their provided work history and behaviour.
  • Comprehensive Screening – Extends beyond basic verification to uncover court records and adverse actions, providing a full background picture.

These checks are designed for efficiency, capable of batch processing by agencies, and they bolster the hiring process by ensuring candidates’ information is reliable and truthful, covering various data points such as names, addresses, and previous employment.

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Financial Risk Shield

Our Financial Services solutions, particularly through the IDFEX system, are designed to enhance security and efficiency in the financial sector.

  • Effective Data Verification – Tailored for financial institutions, this solution streamlines customer onboarding and KYC procedures, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring legitimacy in customer dealings.
  • Fraudulent Data Detection – Early identification of fraudulent data is crucial for financial organisations to prevent significant financial losses and reputation damage. This system helps in recognising such fraudulent activities, including deceased identity fraud.
  • Multi-Source Record Detection – IDFEX’s ability to display multiple source records for a single customer ensures that financial services companies can verify if customers are using multiple identities or addresses, adding an extra layer of security and accuracy in customer data.
  • Mandatory Fraud Detection Tools – Advanced fraud detection tools are essential in the financial sector to protect against criminal tactics and safeguard customer assets, highlighting the necessity of robust, automated ID verification and pre-screening services.

Genealogy Research

Our Genealogy Research solution harnesses the Australian Death Check database to provide essential services for genealogical research and legal compliance.

Data Accuracy

Ensures up-to-date and accurate information is available for genealogists, which is crucial for thorough and reliable family history research.

Business Application

Provides a valuable tool for solicitors and commercial organisations to confirm deaths and cleanse customer databases, avoiding inaccuracies that can lead to financial loss or reputational damage.

Genealogy Research

Offers access to an extensive collection of over 3 million Australian death records to assist genealogists in verifying family histories and locating next of kin.

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