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Cloud Portal

Our Self-Service Cloud Portal offers 24/7 access to over 20 million Australian records, ensuring ACMA compliance, targeted marketing precision, and strategic business growth.

  • Product Overview & Accessibility – Quester’s Self-Service Cloud Portal ensures continuous access to vital marketing data. This includes an expansive range of over 20 million Australian opt-in records. Complementing this, both ACMA Compliant Marketing Lists and Australian B2C Data provide dynamic, regularly updated datasets tailored for targeted marketing initiatives and comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.
  • Compliance, Quality Assurance & Data Enrichment – Our commitment to ACMA compliance not only upholds legal standards but also enhances the return on investment through quality-assured lists. Additionally, our Clean Marketing Lists are meticulously maintained for accuracy, incorporating critical services such as the Australian Death Check to ensure compliance.
  • Targeted Marketing & Data Utilisation – Our Australian Marketing Data and Consumer Marketing Data are instrumental in crafting targeted marketing campaigns, adaptable across a variety of channels. Our Advanced Audience Targeting Tools are specifically designed to facilitate precise demographic engagement, significantly optimising conversion rates.
  • Efficiency & Strategic Advantage – The user-friendly interface and pay-as-you-go model of Quester streamlines operational processes, enhancing efficiency and providing flexibility. The synergy of clean, accurate data and sophisticated targeting tools positions our customers for strategic success in customer acquisition and ongoing retention.
email marketing
email marketing

Email Marketing Lists

Elevate your email marketing with our precision-targeted lists, ensuring compliance, enhanced deliverability, and effective customer segmentation.

  • Niche Audience Engagement – Our email marketing lists enhance targeted email marketing by allowing customer segmentation and messaging customisation. These lists expand reach into new customer bases, targeting specific niche demographics.
  • Precision Targeting – Our service offers precision-targeted email addresses, increasing sales and lead generation, whilst our detailed data enables you to design personalised campaigns that drive conversions with their accuracy.
  • Compliance Assurance – Our lists are composed only of voluntarily opted-in users who have provided their consent to receive communications via email, meaning there is no risk of violating anti-spam regulations or incurring penalties.
  • Real-Time Deliverability Testing – We ensure material reaches its desired audience through constant email verification and updates, simplifying campaign creation.
  • Quality & Accessibility – Our marketing platform, Quester, verifies domains and protects against email bounces, boosting deliverability rates and sender reputation. Our database of opted-in records is regularly updated, and contacts can be downloaded almost instantly from our cloud-based platform.

Direct Mail Lists

Boost sales with Quester’s tailored Direct Mail Lists, ensuring high response rates, customer engagement, and increased loyalty.

Precision Marketing Solution

Quester direct mail lists offer a powerful tool for businesses to reach their target audience with personalised content. This is facilitated by the Quester SaaS platform, which ensures data accuracy and relevance.

Customisation & Targeting

These direct mail marketing lists can be tailored to specific business needs, including demographic, geographic, and custom targeting, to effectively engage the desired audience with personalised offers and promotions.

Business Benefits

Utilising these lists can lead to higher response rates, increased sales, and the development of stronger, more meaningful relationships with customers. The lists are designed to connect businesses with customers ready to purchase, thereby boosting engagement and customer loyalty.

Audience Segmentation Features

The lists allow for audience segmentation based on various factors such as age, gender, income, socio-economic group, education, homeownership status, and business ownership. This ensures that businesses can create an audience primed for their products or services.

sms marketing
sms marketing

SMS Data Lists

Maximise reach with our SMS marketing, offering advanced targeting, up-to-date, high-quality lists, and data-driven campaign acceleration.

  • SMS Marketing Efficacy – Our SMS marketing solutions enable businesses to quickly reach their target audience with personalised messaging, engaging customers effectively on their mobile devices.
  • High-Quality Data Lists – Our service provides high-quality SMS data lists for extensive outreach and our advanced automated list generation capabilities facilitate the building of custom segments with top-quality leads.
  • Targeted Campaign Success – Our SMS Data Lists offer unprecedented targeting capabilities, with comprehensive databases including valuable contact information and segmentation for precise audience identification based on geographic location and demographic data.
  • Regular Updates & New Contacts – These SMS lists are regularly updated with the latest customer and prospect data, ensuring information is current and relevant.
  • Accelerated Campaigns & Data-Driven Success – The platform helps marketing teams reduce time-to-market with powerful results, providing accurate consumer contact information and enabling data-driven marketing success with insights into targeted demographics for increased customer engagement and sales.
telemarketing list
high roi

Telemarketing Lists

Enhance telemarketing with our ACMA compliant lists, tailored for demographic precision, ensuring efficient outreach and high ROI.

  • SMS Marketing Efficacy – Our telemarketing lists provide quick and easy access to accurate data supporting telemarketing campaigns. These lists are customisable and downloadable in seconds, targeting specific demographics, geographies, and ethnic audiences.
  • Compliance & Quality – Our lists are ACMA compliant against the ‘Do Not Call Register’ (DNCR), regularly updated, and verified for accuracy and relevance. This assures businesses of their effectiveness in reaching the desired audience.
  • Targeted & Comprehensive Lists – Our lists are designed to narrow down the ideal consumer demographic, offering a range of target clients for product or service offerings.
  • Efficiency & Time Saving – Our telemarketing lists help businesses quickly locate exact contacts, saving time and effort in data collection. Specialised intelligence ensures reaching the most relevant prospects for business objectives.
  • High-Performance & ROI – Offering access to millions of potential leads, our lists ensure efficient outreach and deep connections, translating into increased customer acquisition and retention. The focus on high-quality data delivers maximum ROI for campaigns.
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