Australian Property Data

Address and occupancy verification tool with decades-spanning data and street-wide insights for meticulous property and investigative analysis.

address lookup
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Address Lookup

Property background checks with minimal input, offering decades of residency details and relationship mapping for investigative precision.

  • Efficient Address Lookup – Caspar excels in quickly locating addresses and delivering insights, requiring minimal information from the user and ensuring a user-friendly and cost-effective experience.
  • Historical Occupancy Information – Over 30 years of occupancy information is available, facilitating comprehensive investigative work.
  • Auto-Tracing Feature – A powerful tool for uncovering and associating past and present occupants’ connections, useful for due diligence and historical inquiries.
  • Full Property History – Provides extensive historical information on occupancy and contact metrics for a thorough understanding of a property’s background.
  • Entire Street Lookup – Caspar also offers the capability to search an entire street, providing valuable insights into each address on that specific street.
  • Versatile Applications – It also supports skip tracing, single customer views, risk assessments, business verifications, and synthetic fraud prevention, showcasing its broad utility.

Sale & Rental Data

Real-time, precise property sales and rental insights, with visual mapping and transactional history for robust market and valuation strategies.

In-Depth Sales & Rental Data

It offers real estate professionals accurate, up-to-date information on property sales and rentals, crucial for making informed decisions.

Comprehensive Sales Insights

Caspar delivers precise, current data on properties listed for sale, detailing prices, transaction history, and descriptive profiles including visual maps.

Rental Market Analysis

For rentals, Caspar provides listings—both current and historical—alongside rental prices, enabling deep market trend understanding.

Transactional History

Access to detailed past sale and rental records assists in market valuation and investment strategy formation.

Descriptive Property Profiles

Detailed property descriptions enrich understanding, allowing for more nuanced market and property evaluations.

Visual Mapping Integration

Full visual mappings for listed properties enhance the contextual analysis and spatial understanding for users.

Unmatched Historical Occupancy Data

Our solution uniquely offers a continuous timeline of occupancy data, spanning 30 years to the present, enabling unparalleled historical analysis.

Actionable Decisions

Leverage the depth and accuracy of our real estate data to make well-informed marketing or risk assessment decisions. The platform’s insights are tailored to provide strategic guidance to target homeowners, investors or renters.

address validation
address validate

Australian Address Validation

Real-time, predictive address management API that enhances data accuracy, customer service efficiency, and e-commerce checkout experiences.

  • Predictive Address Input – The API predicts and auto-fills Australian addresses as they are being typed, ensuring format consistency and standardisation across systems.
  • Real-Time Verification – As addresses are entered, the system verifies and corrects them in real-time, enhancing data quality and reliability.
  • Integration with Existing Systems – The flexibility of the API allows for seamless integration with current data management systems, streamlining the address validation process.
  • Efficiency for Customer Service – Address auto-complete functionality enables customer service agents to validate and complete addresses quickly during interactions, improving service efficiency and accuracy.
  • Enhanced Checkout Process – For e-commerce, the auto-fill feature can reduce friction during checkout, leading to a better customer experience and potentially higher conversion rates.
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