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Comprehensive Data Integration

In a significant upgrade to our flagship solution, Caspar, we have expanded our database to include an additional 1 billion consumer profiles. This expansion doubles our database size to 2 billion records, significantly enhancing our Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), and social media verification capabilities. This leap forward offers our clients unprecedented access to a vast amount of data, thereby increasing the results’ accuracy and aiding in more effective fraud prevention.

Reverse Search Social URLs

The introduction of social media verification within Caspar represents a significant enhancement in our ability to verify the identities behind social media profiles with precision and reliability. Its reverse search function allows clients to input a public URL and immediately receive detailed insights, including full contact metrics, where available. This feature is essential for detecting fraudulent actors and fake accounts, bolstering background screening, risk assessment, and KYC procedures. By offering direct access to critical data, Caspar’s new capability strengthens investigative depth and accuracy, reaffirming our commitment to robust security measures.

Enhanced Fraud Prevention

Our commitment to assisting law enforcement and preventing financial crimes, stalking, catphishing, and other illicit activities has led to the development of this breakthrough feature. By unveiling the true identities behind suspicious accounts, our solution significantly contributes to the global effort against cybercrime. This advancement not only increases the depth and scope of identity verification but also sets a new benchmark in fraud prevention.

Unique Solution

Caspar now stands as the only solution in the market that combines an extensive data pool with advanced risk signals to deliver unique data metrics and persona data. This enhancement solidifies our position as a leader in the identity verification and fraud prevention sector. Available through both our SaaS platform and API systems, this technology provides our clients with additional layers of security and precision in their verification processes, establishing a new standard for data quality and reliability in the industry.

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Explore Australia’s leading solution for locating and identifying consumers. Utilise our superior Skip Tracing and Identity/KYC Portal to reverse search social media URLs, detecting fraudulent actors and fake accounts effortlessly.

Reverse search phone numbers, email addresses or social media profile URLs, and retrieve a wealth of information from over 2 billion records available within the Caspar system.

Social Media Check Query

Social Media Check Query

Reverse social media searches enable businesses to verify employment, background, and detect fraud, providing a thorough and reliable verification layer. This single API query provides thorough social media checks.

Social Check Query
Risk and Recoveries

Risk and Recoveries

Leverage our integrated solutions for in-depth analysis, risk mitigation, due diligence, and consumer verification with advanced data access and security.

Risk & Recoveries

Common Questions About Social Media Verification

Discover the common questions our clients have about our Social Media Verification feature, understand how our enhanced KYC capabilities work, and learn the benefits of our comprehensive data integration.
How does Caspar ensure the accuracy of the social media data collected?

Caspar employs a multifaceted approach to ensure the accuracy of the social media data collected. This involves aggregating data from multiple, trusted sources, which is a critical step in enhancing the reliability of the information. By cross-referencing data across these sources, inconsistencies can be identified and resolved, thereby improving data accuracy. Furthermore, overlaying this data with contact and persona metrics plays a pivotal role in validating the profiles. These metrics may include but are not limited to, behavioural patterns, engagement rates, and the authenticity of interactions within the social media profiles. Such comprehensive analysis aids in constructing a more accurate and holistic view of an individual’s online persona, significantly reducing the chances of misinformation.

How does Social Media Verification contribute to regulatory compliance and fraud prevention?

Social Media Verification contributes significantly to regulatory compliance and fraud prevention by adding an additional layer of identity verification. This supplementary step is vital, especially in industries where identity verification is crucial, such as banking, finance, and online marketplaces. By verifying an individual’s social media presence and aligning it with their provided identity, organisations can deter fraudulent activities, including identity theft and financial fraud. This process helps in ensuring that onboarding processes are strengthened, not just by traditional means of verification but by leveraging digital footprints that individuals leave online. Consequently, it aids organisations in adhering to stringent regulatory requirements related to customer identification and due diligence.

How does Caspar handle verification for profiles with restricted privacy settings?

For profiles with restricted privacy settings, Caspar adopts a respectful and privacy-compliant approach. No data is extracted from profiles that have their privacy settings restricted unless Caspar had previously verified the profile while it was public. This ensures that the privacy of individuals is respected, and that Caspar operates within the legal frameworks governing digital privacy and data protection. This practice underscores the importance Caspar places on ethical data use and privacy preservation, crucial in maintaining trust with users and regulatory bodies.

Are there any limitations to the types of social media platforms Caspar can verify?

Caspar’s capability to verify social media profiles may vary across different platforms, subject to the partnerships, accessibilities, and agreements we have with these platforms. For detailed information on which social media sites can be verified, it is advised to contact our office directly.

What is the cost of a social media query?

Within Caspar Pro, our SaaS solution, social media queries are provided as a complimentary feature, adding significant value to the subscription. For users requiring access via our API, charges apply and are based on the volume of queries conducted.

How up to date is the data used in Social Media Verification?

The data used in our Social Media Verification solution is highly current, sourcing from several data providers that update at different frequencies. Some sources provide real-time updates, ensuring the most recent data is available for verification purposes, which is particularly crucial in fast-paced environments where timely information is key. Other sources may update on a weekly basis, still offering relatively recent data to support accurate verification processes. This blend of data refresh rates ensures that Caspar’s verification services are both accurate and relevant, providing a solid foundation for identity verification and fraud prevention strategies.

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