Single Customer View

A critical process used by financial institutions and other regulated companies in Australia to verify the identity of their clients.

Comprehensive Customer Profiles

Utilises unique data information, diverse data points, and real-time updates on consumer profiles, offering a complete and Sigle Customer View of your clients.

Verify Customer Identities

Confirm that a customer’s identity is genuine and accurate. This involves collecting and verifying identification documents such as passports, driver’s licences, and also data points.

Customer Identification Program (CIP)

This is about collecting customer information, verifying the information using reliable and independent sources and then maintaining records of the verification process.

360-Degree Customer View

A comprehensive KYC solution integrates all available customer information, merges and assesses this data, and provides a full picture that includes risk assessment, identification of anomalies, and updated contact information.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

Assessing the risk profile of the customer and implementing appropriate measures based on their risk assessment. This enables quick responses to changes in customer behaviour.

Single Customer View (SCV) Data

Includes full names, residential addresses, phone numbers (landline and mobiles), emails, date of birth, deceased, employment information, social media, court listings, business linkages, payroll, bureau and demographic data.


Know Your Customer

Our Know Your Customer (KYC) solution is pivotal for maintaining compliance and preventing fraud. The key aspects of this solution are:

  • KYC Compliance – Essential for businesses to protect against financial crime and adapt to evolving regulatory requirements.
  • Customer Identity Verification – Offers a quick and efficient way for businesses to verify customer identities and comply with regulatory standards.
  • Integration and Accessibility – Utilises a single point of access for SaaS & API products, ensuring businesses have the most up-to-date information and seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Fraud Detection and Risk Assessment – Helps businesses detect fraud, comply with AML regulations, profile customer risk, and analyse customer data to mitigate financial crime risks.
enhancing kyc

Process Flow of KYC

Enhancing the integrity of business operations through:
  • Detection of Fake Data – By cross-verifying customer information against a robust database, the KYC solutions detect discrepancies, identifying potential fake data which is a common tactic in financial crimes.
  • Financial Crime Prevention – The comprehensive checks against various data points ensure a thorough scrutiny, thus preventing financial crimes by flagging high-risk profiles early in the customer onboarding process.
  • Consumer Profile Authenticity – Through meticulous verification processes, the KYC solutions affirm the authenticity of consumer profiles, thereby reinforcing trust and reliability in business transactions.
  • Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD)  For high-risk customers, conduct more rigorous checks and ongoing monitoring. Implement additional measures such as frequent reviews and in-depth transaction analysis.
  • Data Updating and Maintenance – Continuously update customer profiles with new information and insights. Ensure contact information is accurate and up-to-date.
ABN Lookup

Australian Business Lookup

Supporting most Know Your Business (KYB) solutions, our commercial queries are specifically designed to provide comprehensive background information on Australian businesses. The essential capabilities include:

  • Company / Business Registration Verification – Checks the registration status of a business or company. When it was officially registered and other related registration details.
  • Insolvency and Liquidation Details – Reveals involvement in any liquidations or insolvency proceedings, critical for assessing financial stability of the business or company.
  • Financial Disputes – Identifies any financial-related disputes which may impact the business’s credibility and legal standing.
  • KYB Links to KYC – Reveals and links sole traders, partnerships, trusts and many other business types to the individuals who manage or own them, offering transparency and aiding in due diligence.
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