Effective Data Verification

Financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and other financial service providers face the challenge of verifying the identity of their customers while maintaining a positive customer experience. The process of customer onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures can be time-consuming and costly, making it important for these organisations to have an efficient and effective solution in place. Our IDFEX solution is assisting with reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring that they are working with legitimate customers.

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Identify fraudulent data

Financial institutions are at high risk of falling victim to fraud and identity theft. This can result in significant financial losses and damage to their reputation. Our automated ID verification solution helps financial service organisations to identify fraudulent data at an early stage, reducing the risk of financial damage. By implementing our pre-screening software into their customer onboarding and KYC processes, financial institutions can greatly reduce their exposure to fraudulent activity and protect their bottom line.

Protect from deceased Identity Fraud

Fraudsters are always attempting to use the identities of deceased individuals to carry out illegal activities. With our cutting-edge identity pre-screening solution, IDFEX and our approved Australian Death Check data services, our clients can effectively detect and prevent such fraudulent attempts. Our solution can accurately identify any instances of deceased details being used, which significantly reduces the risk of financial damage and helps organisations maintain the integrity of their customer data.

Multiple Source Record Detection

Protect your organisation from potential fraudsters with IDFEX’s ability to detect and display multiple source records for a single customer. Our advanced displays data from multiple sources, providing you with a comprehensive view of a customer’s information and ensuring that they are not using multiple identities or addresses. This added level of security helps you to ask questions, make decisions, reducing the risk of financial damage and supporting your efforts to combat identity theft and fraud in the financial services sector.

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection is Essential for the Financial Services Sector

The financial services sector must arm itself with robust fraud detection tools to fend off the ever-evolving tactics of criminals and safeguard the hard-earned money of millions of customers. Equipping the financial services sector with advanced fraud detection tools is no longer a choice but a mandatory requirement to combat criminals and safeguard the interests of customers and the economy.

Fraud Prevention
Fraud prevention security

An Added Layer of Security & Fraud Prevention

Here are several key reasons why financial service companies are using our IDFEX identity verification and pre-screening services;

  • Improving their security by implementing automated ID verification solutions that can identify fraudulent data early in the customer onboarding and KYC processes. This helps protect the financial services company from the potential risk of financial loss and reputational damage.
  • By using pre-screening software and data validation tools, financial services companies can detect and prevent fraudulent activities such as deceased identity fraud, where fraudsters attempt to use the identities of deceased individuals to carry out illegal activities.
  • Multiple source record detection through advanced data displays can provide a comprehensive view of a customer’s information and help identify if they are using multiple identities or addresses. This helps ensure that customer data is accurate and reliable, which reduces the risk of financial damage.

What our customers say about IDFEX

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"The integration of (DVS) into IDFEX has not only supported our KYC and AML/CTF compliance but has drastically reduced the onboarding time for new clients."

Betting & Gaming
AML/CTF Officer

“After a full year of using IDFEX, I am thoroughly impressed. What makes IDFEX truly remarkable, though, is its affordability. It offers exceptional value for money, allowing you to pick the data sources you want to pay for."

Bullion Trader
Owner / MD

“We use IDFEX for both pre-screening new online applications to look for obvious anomalies and then run full DVS checks when needed. We love how IDFEX lets us perform both from the one system.”

Neo Banking Client
Head of Fraud

“We're successfully verifying over 85% of our applicants! It’s great how IDFEX can verify more than just their names and addresses and include phones, emails, age and other important profile information."

BNPL Client
Head of Fraud & Intelligence

“We just simply love how we can switch from identity verifications to KYC investigations with a simple click. We haven't seen any other system in Australia that can do that.”

Life Insurance Client
Head of Data & Governance

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“Idfex has an amazing match result and we are passing almost 80% of queries. It’s great how you can also validate more than just their names and addresses and include phones, emails and social media."

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With Caspar, tracking down missing debtors and persons of interest has never been easier. Easily uncover their contact information and reconnect with them in a snap.



Our self-service datawashing platform allows for the repair, validation and enrichment of outdated Australian Consumer data. Improve the quality of your data in minutes.



Stay compliant and secure with our comprehensive identity verification and risk assessment solution, featuring validation, verification and matching of various metrics.


ADC Death Check

Protect your business reputation with our Australian Death Check solution. Maintain data accuracy as required by law, improve customer experience, save money and fight fraud.

ADC Death Check


Easily integrate our reliable RESTful API into your software for seamless access to our extensive Australian Consumer Data Universe. Suitable for automating data processes for any industry.



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