Instant online marketing leads

Finding your customers, when you want them and when you need them, has never been so easy. Deepen your share of the market by finding the right customers in an instant online. Include and exclude other data files, build a filter file to target a very specific customer. We boast the highest RPC and ROI rates with amazing targeting tools. With Quester, you now have the ability to select a target audience, build your marketing list and download it to your computer in minutes, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. The marketing tool you have been waiting for.

Our Online Marketing platform can be accessed from anywhere around the world and from any device with an internet connection. Quester only rests when you want it. No more waiting for list supplies or counts, Quester does them all in minutes, directly at your desk or location, without any 3rd party involvement, meaning big cost reductions in your marketing budgets. Download leads as you need them, you do not have to order large volumes all at one time and fear DNC expiration just to get discounts. Prepare your lists after hours and on weekends without any restrictions. Urgent data needs? Quester is your saviour. Access our large, unique and compliant universe dataset.

Quester allows you to draw on a large, comprehensive and exclusive universe dataset with intelligent analytical tools to match your target audience. We assist large corporate entities in Knowing their Customers (KYC) modelling features. We boast unique, compliant and defensive data under the Australian Privacy Act. Many charitable and NFP institutions trust Global Data to also Datawash and update their CRM of customers / Donors due to our strict privacy measures. With new and improved features being integrated continuously, such as confidence score indicators and bulk postcode pasting, Quester will surely make marketing easier.

Deep Engagement: Quester gives you a deep understanding of your potential new customers, by allowing you to create and customise marketing lists to hone in on particular persons of interest. As an example. If you have observed that a high percentage of your clients are females aged 45 to 50 years and in a particular location, Quester understands this and allows you to target those segmented variables and locates more consumers of this type for you in minutes. Brilliant and intelligent.