B2C Marketing Lists & Insights

An easy to use platform that allows the user to custom select their desired B2C audience

Our data solutions and highly advanced Quester Marketing tools, allow you to quickly build the following for greater audience targeting;

Direct mail lists

Direct mail lists continue to be one of the most efficient and less invasive marketing strategies free of all the digital hurdles. An economical choice that nonetheless costs a lot less to purchase and easy to get campaigning. Approximately 90% of direct mail articles are still opened by consumers.

Telemarketing Lists

Telemarketing Lists create sales rapidly. You can achieve immediate sales and revenue as you have the benefit of speaking to the consumer right away. You can pivot your sales strategy based on their responses and also have the advantage of using telemarketing calls to build trust if the calling is done with competence and respect.

Email Lists

Email Lists provide a highly effective digital messaging channel, which can reach an exceptionally large geographical area instantly across the world, which often can’t be accomplished as quickly with other campaign channels. Email lists are very cost effective and allow you to attach valuable information such as surveys or feedback. You can significantly expand your target audience and enhance sales and profitability by using email marketing lists with personalised content.

Consumer Profiled Target Audience Lists

Consumer Profiled Target Audience Lists with consumer profiles are essential for any marketing strategy. You risk wasting money on consumer marketing data that will not result in sales and income if you do not target a certain population of consumers, such as the appropriate gender, age, or wealth group. A consumer who is specifically targeted is more likely to be interested in your goods and services, which will then result in more sales conversions.

B2C Analytics and Insights on Consumers

B2C Analytics and Insights on Consumers and understanding your target market is essential to success as many marketing professionals would tell you. How can you meet the needs of your customers if you don't know who they are and what they want? This is where B2C analytics comes in. By gathering data and insights on consumers, businesses can make more informed decisions about their products, services, and marketing strategies. Gain insights such where your sales are converting around the nation and who is your ideal audience for further data acquisition.

Ethnic Audience Targeting

Ethnic Audience Targeting is critical to marketers that have a niche product or service. Researching a new cultural market that your competitors may not, could be as simple as promoting your brand to a specific cultural audience that may not be your existing client, but soon could be. According to estimates, 20% of Australians can speak a second language. To capitalise on this, several marketers have started marketing to a variety of ethnic groups.

Specific Address; Location and Radius Targeting

Specific Address; Location and Radius Targeting is necessary for businesses and marketers that want to achieve high ROI and sales conversions. Knowing where your clients are across Australia is vital and enhances your capacity to profit on data purchases. Political parties tend to focus at the electorate level, whereas other marketers prefer to target at home address level. However, with the option to geographically target in any way you choose, you may expand your data coverage.

Build Lists from limited information (Phones; Emails etc)

Build Lists from limited information (Phones; Emails etc) Quite a few businesses and marketing professionals only capture a small amount of information from their websites or online enquiries. This might only be their email address or their phone number. Partial information that needs completion for marketing contact. With our list building service, you can quickly and easily build lists from limited information, like phone numbers and email addresses. Our service is easy to use and fast.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation with our system, allows you to generate hundreds, thousands even millions of leads immediately. Plus, our targeting filters ensures that you'll get high-quality opted-in consumer marketing leads that are ready to contact right away. Soon, you'll be able to convert more sales and revenue opportunities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Opt-in specific segments and much more

Opt-in specific segments and much more. By targeting opt-in specific audience segments, you can stay compliant with the OAIC and ACMA, whilst still reaching the people who matter most to your business. This allows your organisation the confidence and trust that you will be marketing to targeted individuals that have given their permission to be contacted for marketing communication. This protects your brand and reputation.

Make your life easy with our B2C marketing platform

 You'll be able to custom select your desired B2C and get the insights you need to make the best decisions for your business.
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How it works 

Whether you’re a List Broker that needs to purchase Australian Consumer Marketing data on behalf of its clients, or an end user company such as a Charity, Bank, Solar Company or any other organisation that requires immediate Digital Marketing data, Quester is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The best Australian Marketing database solution starts with quality and comprehensive national data coverage. Quester is an online solution that displays marketing and consumer insights on  how much data is geographically and demographically available, for the audience you are targeting.

For example, you may want to target males or females in a certain location. You might choose to filter this location by suburb, postcode, rural area or may wish to target an entire state within Australia. The campaign might require the audience to be homeowners that are high-income earners, highly educated and that have resided at their property for a substantial period of time. In minutes, Quester will assess your specifications and tell you how much data is available for download. From there, simply select whether you want Email Data, SMS Data, Telemarketing Data, Direct Mail Data or all opted in contact information and proceed. Order as little, or as much data as you need and pay only for what you want to download.

Create, purchase and download Australian Email Lists for your EDM campaigns in minutes. Charities can download hundreds of thousands of Direct Mail Lists instantly, ready to deliver to their mail house for quarterly donor acquisition mail-outs. Solar companies and other organisations can create and purchase Telemarketing and SMS data Lists quickly and cost effectively, all online and in minutes on Quester.

What our customers say

Energy client: Manager Call Centre Operations

“Quester is simply brilliant. I order my data late at night and get my telemarketing department calling in the morning.”

List Broker: Owner / MD

“We have been using Quester since 2016, without it, we wouldn’t be able to supply our loyal clients with Australian Consumer Marketing Data.”

Charity NFP client: Head of Acquisition Marketing

“I love that you can run data counts and profile how much data is available and not pay for any of it until you download data records.”

Solar client: Head of Data

“The data in Quester has always been excellent and we wouldn’t buy anywhere else because of how strong the contact and conversion rates are.”

Tier 1 Marketing Research client: Head of Government Surveys

“We cannot believe that a system like this exists. Wish we discovered it years ago. Game changer for our Research Department.”


  • How often is the data in Quester updated?

    We update our data daily. We integrate hundreds of thousands of new opted-in records every Monday morning and we display our data-card changes monthly.

  • What is the cost of Quester?

    There are no lock in contracts or subscriptions. Simply use the system and pay as go for data that you purchase only.

  • Are there discounts for regular or bulk ordering?

    Yes, we have many List Brokers and clients that use the system regularly and are on competitive customised pricing deals.

  • How soon can I get access to Quester?

    We have a team that will set you up with access usually the same day or the next.

  • Do we get support and training with Quester?

    Yes, absolutely. We have friendly staff that will book in free training sessions to assist you.

B2C marketing lists and insights that are tailored to your needs.

With this platform, you can easily select the B2C criteria that matter most to you, ensuring that you get the most relevant and useful information possible. This makes it quick and easy to find the right leads for your business.
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