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 Quester provides the best consumer marketing data

If you are tired of dealing with outdated marketing data that doesn’t connect and is poor in quality, then you need to consider our consumer marketing data. Our data, through Quester can be provided to your business which will allow you to extract the highest quality Australian Consumer Marketing Data in minutes. With Quester, you can finally get the marketing data you need and be done with suppliers that are not measuring up to your standards. We live and breathe Australian Consumer Data.

Our innovative software provides you with the most accurate, targeted and up-to-date consumer marketing data available. We provide insights that help you make better marketing decisions, so you can confidently move your business forward and get results. Our data locates your audience, connects with your audience and will get you results.

Stop purchasing marketing data only to find out that you already have it. Quester allows you to exclude any marketing data that you have previously purchased elsewhere or do not want or need, all in just a few clicks. No need to waste your time and money on data you already have purchased or data records that are not your target audience.

Build Your Perfect Consumer Marketing Data List in minutes. How? Very easily with Quester. Our self-service platform is so user friendly, all you need to do is follow the guided process. Select the geographic areas; select the type of audience you want to target; how you prefer to contact them; and then simply download as many or as little records as you need for the campaign you are undertaking.

With over 20 million permissioned based Opt-In records, Quester has the data you need to build the perfect consumer data list for your sales and marketing efforts. Only receive the phone, email, or direct mail data you need, and get started today. Contact us for more information or to request a demonstration.

What our customers say

Energy client: Manager Call Centre Operations

“Quester is simply brilliant. I order my data late at night and get my telemarketing department calling in the morning.”

List Broker: Owner / MD

“We have been using Quester since 2016, without it, we wouldn’t be able to supply our loyal clients with Australian Consumer Marketing Data.”

Charity NFP client: Head of Acquisition Marketing

“I love that you can run data counts and profile how much data is available and not pay for any of it until you download data records.”

Solar client: Head of Data

“The data in Quester has always been excellent and we wouldn’t buy anywhere else because of how strong the contact and conversion rates are.”

Tier 1 Marketing Research client: Head of Government Surveys

“We cannot believe that a system like this exists. Wish we discovered it years ago. Game changer for our Research Department.”

Are you tired of paying for the same data twice?

With Quester, you can exclude any consumer data that you have previously purchased elsewhere or don't want included. Quester is the only tool you need to get the most out of your consumer data purchases.
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