Data Attributes

Landline Numbers

13+ Million

Mobile Numbers

16+ Million


16+ Million

Personal Address

19+ Million
Our data is stringently validated, cleaned, appended and enriched with insightful demographics and other proprietary attributes. We deliver this data through our Web based and API solutions.

Our massive consumer data universe feeds all our online platforms that allow you, the end-user to extract B2C data, anytime, anywhere.

All our data is updated daily, to ensure that you only get the highest quality and most up to date consumer data possible. Hundreds of sources make up our data universe, which range from public, proprietary, survey & competition and permission based opt-in sources just to name a few.

With data streams being integrated daily and throughout each month, our clients notice new and enhanced information continuously and are impressed with both our quality of data, whilst enjoying replenished quantities.

Privacy Compliance, together with data defensibility is paramount to our organisation. If we cannot reveal the aggregated source to the consumer or any Regulatory Compliance body, then we will not store it in our data universe.
For your protection and ours, Global Data adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles and does not store any data overseas. We are an Australian company and do not hide behind any international corporate veil. We action consumer suppressions very swiftly and do not put them through a rigorous process.

We are all about protecting consumers personal information. No data provided by any of our clients are stored or used to enhance our data-sets. We pride ourselves on transparency with both consumers and our clients

Accurate data

Our data’s accuracy cannot be matched. Our advanced Pango engine filters out incomplete & WPC data daily.

Powerful demographic attributes

Intelligent depth attributes that accurately target your audience. Market smarter and get better ROI.

Best coverage

Millions of current records on consumers Australia wide. Ratio data to population is the highest.

Best depth

Consumer data for KYC; Credit & Collections; Charities; SME, Finance & Banking Sector; Government enterprise & much more.

Best quality

Tested and proven by many industry sectors.
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