Datawashing for Marketing Campaigns

Our Quester Automated Data washing facility, analyses your old Marketing leads, corrects, updates and appends new contact information to help you achieve greater marketing & campaign success. The self-service datawash system will allow you to upload your CRM data files in minutes and provide you with the most current and comprehensive data information on consumers across Australia. We append new contact information to get you back in touch with your customers or donors without purchasing new marketing lists. Data wash against our unique, legally defensible and compliant 500+ Million data universe.

Benefits of Datawashing

  • Ensure your address details are correct and up to date, our system locates their new address in minutes if they have moved and provides you with the updated address.
  • We append the highest % of new information such as new phone numbers, email addresses, deceased flags and much more.
  • Intelligent wealth scoring indicators, appended to your data to enable you to understand your customers socio-economic spending position.
  • Reducing postage costs, printing and administration and wrong party contacts (WPC). Minimize return to senders (RTS).
  • Identify and have appended consumers that are on the Do Not Call Register (DNCR).
  • Increase your telephone contact effectiveness with accurate, new and connected numbers. Quickly find out which contact numbers are connected and which ones are disconnected, all online saving money.
  • Lower costs in rejuvenating old data and avoid purchasing new marketing lists.
  • Improve your marketing campaign & contact ability with our daily updates. Our Datawashing facility has access to the Pango Universe dataset containing over 500+ Million records.
  • Our online facility allows the free download of all your errors in your old file before committing to any purchases, allowing you to fix the errors yourself. You also receive a free analytic summary of the wash on completion showing a visual of your data composition and audience.

Datawash / Cleanse Process

  • Import or Upload your data file to be washed into our Quester Online (Self Service) Platform.
  • Map your file headers with our data headers (Quester will in most cases match these for you automatically)Simple & user-friendly.
  • You will now be asked to Validate your file. This checks for any errors which may be repaired manually before processing (you can generate a free report detailing any errors located). The Quester datawash facility will then continue and attempt to repair any remaining errors for you.
  • Confirm your datawash and select whether you would like all phone numbers & email addresses connectivity pinged. Phone numbers can now be checked against the DNCR register and then review the total cost of your Datawash job before proceeding.
  • Continue with the Process button and your Datawash will commence and be available for download, literally in minutes depending on size.
  • You will receive an on screen notification when complete, together with an email alert that your new data is ready for download. You now have a fully updated; appended; enhanced; verified and repaired data file in minutes. You can start making money contacting those leads with a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Accurate data. Tested and proven by larger corporations against our competitors with higher RPC rates & more new unique % contact details. Higher volumes of data comparatives (500+ million records).