Data becomes outdated very quickly, but with our automated, self-service datawashing platform, you can update all of your Australian Consumer data records within minutes, ready to use once again.

Inaccurate data can have devastating effects on your business. From wasting thousands of dollars in revenue, losing customers, to bad business decisions.

A simple low cost datawash can change and improve your marketing and contactability results immediately. No need to continually purchase new data, where old data can be bought back to life.

Datawash for Marketing Campaigns or any Industry

Our Data washing facility, analyses your old Marketing leads, corrects, updates, enhances and appends new contact information to help you achieve greater marketing & campaign success.

It will allow you to upload your CRM data files in minutes and provide you with the most current and comprehensive data information on consumers across Australia. We append new contact information to get you back in touch with your customers or dormant donors without purchasing new marketing lists. Truly helpful where your marketing data has become out-dated.

“We append more than 70% new information with every wash.”

Some Data that will be appended

New Landline & Mobile Phone Numbers
New Email addresses
Newly located Residential Addresses
Deceased information
Real Estate information
Business Linkages
Connectivity & DNCR information
Demographic KYC information

Benefits of Datawashing

Ensure your address details are correct and up to date, our system locates their new address in minutes if they have moved and provides you with the updated address. No manual searching required. Rejuvenate old out-dated data for a few cents per record.
Highlighting geo-demographic at risk persons who have moved addresses with useful scoring & wealth. Target consumers based on wealth and education.
Reducing postage costs, printing, administration and wrong party contacts (WPC).
Save on employee resources to administer and handle postage multiple times or manually Skiptracing larger volumes.
Increase your email and telephone contact effectiveness with accurate, new, connected numbers / emails. Quickly find out which contact numbers and emails are connected and which ones are disconnected or not deliverable, saving money on wasted calls and email sending.
Lower costs in rejuvenating old data and creating massive savings with higher ROI.
Our online facility allows the free download of all your errors in your old file before committing to any purchases, allowing you to fix the errors yourself. You also receive a free analytic summary of the wash on completion showing a visual of your data composition and audience and what data needs hygiene attention.
Easy to use platform, 5 step guided process.

Ready to see Datawashing in action?

Let us show you how Datawashing can help your business now

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