Identity Verification & Validation Software Solution

Our ID Check portal will conduct the essential identity validation and verification checks to discover if the individual is who they claim to be and detect any false information given by them.

Our ID Verification system is backed with Australia’s largest Consumer Data Universe, it contains an array of information that will ensure that the person of interest is verified.

Queries can be flagged to indicate whether we have an exact match, partial match, no match and whether the person is deceased. Great tools for your risk assessment and due diligence processes.

Verify a person’s identity data information fast and securely to guarantee that good customers are smoothly onboarded, fraud is avoided, and no money is lost, with red flag indicators on data fields that do not match.

Identity verification, Risk assessment and Know your Customer (KYC) processes are becoming an important part of business. With our solution, you can simply validate, verify and match records based on information provided to you on Australian consumers, such as their names, phone numbers, residential address, date of birth, email addresses, social media and more.


Portal access for single searches

How it works

  • Step 1

    Enter Known Data Information

    Simply key in the information that has been provided to you, or that you wish to check and validate. Such information may be extracted from the identification itself, or that was provided in the application documentation.

  • Step 2

    Review the Displayed Results

    Once all of the required information is entered into the system, a waterfall table of results screen will appear indicating what information has matched (Green flag) and what information has not matched (Red flag) across multiple data sources.

Portal access for bulk verification checks

How it works

  • Step 1

    Bulk Upload Files

    This function can be used to rapidly check any number of records.

    1. Upload a file containing all of the data that you want to perform ID checks on.

    2. Map fields: After uploading a file you will be asked to map the data fields which are matched against our data sources.

    3. File Validation: The file will be validated and any errors and warnings will be reported if data fields are incorrect or poorly formatted. There can be fixed without charge.

    4. Approve Order: After configuration you can approve the file for processing.

    6. Processing: The file will be processed by our automated Idfex search system. .

  • Step 2

    Download Batch File

    Download your completed file. You will be able to download the completed spreadsheet with the match and no match indicators. The spreadsheet can then be imported for risk analysis and use.

How can we match

Check on Multiple Metrics 

Detect dangerous applications and transactions fast to establish their validity, by checking against numerous key data metrics. Verification and matching is about understanding what part of the data is matching and potentially, what is not. You then have the ability to make intelligent and informed decisions on whether to onboard a client or not.

Increase conversion rates while decreasing fraud by spotting information that has to be validated. Using our Idfex ID verification check system, you may learn more about your consumers.

As part of their 'Know Your Customer' verification, our customers utilise this service to verify the identity of their own customers.

What our customers say

IDV Reseller client: Chief Data Officer

“Idfex is fantastic and we really like the batch mode that helps us get through large volumes of applications.”

Online Gaming: Owner / MD

“We have been using Idfex for 12 months now and really like the single search option. Exceptionally low cost in comparison to many others out there, with impressive results.”

Neo Banking client: Head of Fraud

“We use Idfex for pre-screening new online applications. Before we go to the expense of running DVS and credit checks, we run these low-cost checks to look for obvious anomalies. This system is amazing. ”

BNPL client: Head of Fraud & Intelligence

“Idfex has an amazing match result and we are passing almost 80% of queries. It’s great how you can also validate more than just their names and addresses and include phones, emails and social media.”

Tier 1 Insurance Company: Head of Data & Governance

“Great match results and excellent features. Well done guys.”


  • How often is the data in Idfex updated?

    We update our data daily. We integrate hundreds of thousands of new records every Monday morning and we display our data-card changes monthly. We also plug into multiple extended datasets.

  • What is the cost of Idfex?

    We have tailored plans to suit frequent and casual users. Feel free to reach out and discover more about our flexible pricing options.

  • Are there discounts for regular or bulk ordering?

    Yes, clients that use the system regularly enjoy competitive customised pricing deals.

  • How soon can I get access to Idfex?

    We have a team that will set you up with access usually the same day or the next.

  • Do we get support and training with Idfex?

    Yes, absolutely. We have friendly staff that will book in free training sessions to assist you.

Identity Pre-Screening

You will save thousands of dollars on identity verification and pre-screening using our Idfex technology. Detect early fraud factors with high match rates by simply verifying if a person's details match our records.
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