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Identity Verification & Validation Solution

Our ID Check portal will perform the necessary identity validation and verification checks to determine if the person is who they say they are and and detect any fraudulent information provided by them.

Plugged into our massive Australian Consumer Data Universe, it contains an array of information that will ensure that the person of interest is verified. You will also have the option to leverage “waterfall data sources” in conjunction with our Global Data Universe, such as the Australian Death Data, DVS (coming soon) and many other sources.

Queries can be flagged to indicate whether we have an exact match, partial match, or no match. Great tools for your risk assessment and due diligence processes.

Identity verification, Risk assessment and Know your Customer (KYC) processes are becoming an important part of business and now with IDFEX ID Check, you can simply validate, verify and match records.

Portal access for single searches

Access our Global Data Portal and launch IDFEX ID Check single searches and simply input the information you require to be matched and verified.

Portal access for bulk verification checks

The IDFEX ID Check system allows you to upload a batch file and will return a .cvs data file that can be downloaded and simply exported to your CRM.

How can we match

Ready to see our IDFEX ID Check in action?

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