A RESTful API that is frictionless

Leveraging our data through IDFEX, is an effective way of enhancing your data stocks that will significantly increase your call query responses. Exposing your business to an additional, alternate “Data” source is as simple as plugging into our IDFEX API, to perform an array of queries to support your existing products or services.

Many companies around the world have partnered with us and trust our Australian Consumer Data sources accuracy and coverage. It has allowed for cross border or worldwide expansion. Identity Verification companies are one of so many of our existing clients that leverage our data for their SaaS and API platforms.

Some of the reasons our clients leverage our data;

  • Identity Verification / onboarding our data as a reliable and comprehensive Australian B2C source
  • Know Your Customer (KYC 360-degree customer view)
  • Risk Assessment
  • PII enhancement / contactability enhancement
  • Data validation and matching
  • Marketing
  • Insights and consumer demographics

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