Without doubt, this is the most significant crisis we have experienced in most of our living lives. With an unprecedented effect on both humans and businesses, how do we come out the other side of this and recover from such a huge pandemic? Thousands of businesses and millions of people in crisis. These are challenging times.

When it first emerged as an issue, I didn’t think that it would have such an extensive reach or indeed, affect as many as it has. I was wrong, so clearly wrong. The devastation on business and people can be felt throughout the world. At home here in Melbourne Australia, I have seen so many wonderful people lose jobs and business colleagues ‘go under’ or close down their business. Truly sad times. Businesses that took years to build, gone in flash.

From a business perspective, we have all learned that we must adapt and pivot quickly to survive. Employees are the “life blood” of any business. Many that we have spent more time with than our immediate families. Without them, it is incredibly difficult to trade or indeed, even exist. For this reason, government intervention has been welcoming and gives a little hope to both employer and employee, so that we can sustain and eventually rebuild…. and we all will.

Here at Global Data, we have been supporting our business clients that are struggling, whilst at the same time, trying to minimise staff casualties as is the case for many. Whilst working from home is a great option, it doesn’t align with every employees’ circumstances and environment. It is not the same for some of them, who often come to their workplace and perform much better in a social atmosphere. Some are struggling to perform.

Talking to many CEO’s around the world that we do business with and in particular here in Australia, it is so warming to hear that they are all trying so very hard to prevent staff casualties. Obviously, it is difficult, but they are desperately trying to hang in there as they, like myself know, it will take months, even years to deploy new staffing resources at a later time if they are all gone. Saving our staff is my number one priority at this time. They are Global Data.

One positive for our organisation is that we have seen an enormous demand in our SaaS and API services, the likes of which we have never experienced before. Although many have limited budgets at this time, we have had to adapt and pivot to align with their business demand needs. Helping them survive today at discounted rates, alleviates business pressures, keeps them trading, keeps them as a client, keeps staff employed and hopefully will be remembered by them down the road, when things return to some normal state. “Help them today and they will be loyal to you tomorrow.”

Some deeply devastated businesses and charities, were provided with free services by us, in the hope they survive and bounce back. That’s the least we can do for all the support they have shown us over the years. Hopefully, those that can do the same out there, give it a try. It will help you strengthen your business relationships without doubt.

On a final note, I want to thank all of our wonderful staff here at Global Data that have been working long hours to support the increased demands, but more importantly thank all of the ‘hard working and caring’ health care professionals out there doing it even harder. Doctors, nurses, paramedics and the many others in the medical industry, supporting every human being. We can’t thank you enough.

Stay safe and take care of your loved ones.

(From our CEO Tony Bulzomi)


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