Quester Features

Key features of our Quester B2C Marketing Portal

Quester functionality at a glance:

  • Full Self-Service automated platform, user-friendly with no subscriptions and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Count engine and data profile insights analysis (Target data audience before purchasing or downloading).
  • Filter inclusion tools. Locate specific audiences by importing ethnic names; contact numbers or addresses and more, to build your specific consumer target.
  • Target potential homeowners, renters, sellers. Target gender, age, income with our specific targeting tools and more.
  • Filter exclusion tools. Import or upload previous data purchases to exclude from any future orders, all within the Quester portal quickly & easily (For previous Quester purchases, this is fully automated).
  • Mapping tools. Select an area of interest on the Quester interactive map and without knowing the localities or postal codes, Quester will identify them and immediately indicate how much data is available in that area of interest, with data composition breakdown.
  • Automated phone connectivity washer, removing disconnected contact numbers.
  • Automated DNCR (do not call register) washer, ensuring your marketing lists are legally compliant with ACMA.
  • Automated Email connectivity washer, removing uncontactable email contacts.
  • Wash and remove deceased records.
  • Access the QAE insights engine that will provide data insights and determine the kind of consumer data that you need more of. Quester’s deep learning algorithms will automatically analyse your data and provide reports on its behaviour and suggest more queries to locate more from within the platform.
  • Easily select variables or types of data required with tabbed click drop down options (Telemarketing data; Email Data; Direct Mail Data and more).
  • Access specific data such as Sale & Rental or lifestyle data indicative of wealth or socio economic indicators.
  • Random Digit Dialling (RDD) data now available. Easily generate random mobile phone or landline numbers across Australia with or without geo-location. For more information or large volumes, contact our office.

Count / Profile Engine

With Quester, before downloading any marketing leads, you can build a custom list, specifically selecting the appropriate attribute or vertical you require. Such as, but not limited to Gender; Age; Income; Location; Ethnicity; Homeowners and much more. Once you have your “Target Audience” then see how much data there is before downloading.

No “Duplicate” Data

Let Quester do all of the work for you in seconds. Any consumer data that you have previously purchased, with any data supplier can quickly be uploaded to Quester, then you can simply “exclude” any new targeted leads against those leads and only get new; fresh actionable marketing data. Powerful attributes, with a powerful list generator engine that simply takes minutes.

Only "Usable" Data

Quester has some very handy functions that enable you to get the most out of your marketing list. An inbuilt phone “Pinger” that removes any phone numbers that have become disconnected. It also has an inbuilt DNC (Do Not Call Register) function. This means, you only contact consumers that have connected phones, whilst adhering to ACMA regulations on DNC consumers.

More Information about Quester

  • Quester Analytics Engine (QAE). What is your current client database telling you? Where are your clients coming from? Where are you having success and where are you not? Need more consumer data mirrored to where your clients are coming from? Quester has an analytical feature that allows you to upload your database of clients, Quester’s QAE insights tools will analyse your data and carefully map out and report patterns and behaviour with your upload. After mapping and graphing the behaviour and patterns with your data, it will optionally and intelligently search the Quester Universe data set and locate more data that is proving to be successful in your marketing campaigns. It will exclude any data you already have and any data you have had no success with. “Amazing is what our clients are saying, we say Intelligent.” Upload your data and let Quester’s QAE analytical tools find you more successful data and take out the guess work of where to start marketing to locate new clients, donors or consumers in general.
  • With our new filters, you may have a list of Ethnic surnames and want to locate all Asians (or other ethnic backgrounds) across Australia. Quester can do this easily and is the only marketing platform that can. You can upload a list of ethnic surnames; upload a list of phone numbers only or upload a list of addresses and query Quester to locate the full contact details for each of those filter targets (either as an inclusion or exclusion file). Build your marketing list on a KYC basis, quickly and easily like never before.
  • Create marketing lists and find out how much data there is before purchasing. Instantly download your results and make contact with your audience by mail; phone; social media and email. Target your audience from an array of attributes such as Age; Gender; Income and much more. Grow your business with high ROI and higher “Right Party Contacts.” Quester data has the most current and comprehensive Australian Consumer data than any of our rival competitors. All online and self-service.

Deep Engagement: Quester gives you a deep understanding of your potential new customers, by allowing you to create and customise marketing lists to hone in on particular persons of interest. As an example. If you have observed that a high percentage of your clients are females aged 45 to 50 years and in a particular location, Quester understands this and allows you to target those segmented variables and locates more consumers of this type for you in minutes. Brilliant and intelligent.