Start Small, Achieve Big

Begin with basic information and reveal a complete profile

With Caspar, just enter a few simple details like a name, phone number, or email to get started. Our system uses this basic information to do further checks that return the vital information you need to make sure everyone is who they say they are. This helps your business quickly begin to verify customers, build full profiles that help stop fraud, check potential risks, and make sure you meet all the regulatory and compliance standards needed.

See How Basic Information Leads to In-depth Profiles

Viewing KYC record details

Explore Beyond the Basic KYC Information

The transition from a brief summary to the Record Detail screen is like opening a book to reveal its chapters. This detailed view presents an array of additional KYC information not visible in the initial overview, enriching your search with:

  • Social Media Profiles: Uncover the digital presence across various platforms.
  • Business Affiliations: Gain insights into professional associations and roles.
  • Employment History: Compare supplied employment details with historical records to spot anomalies.
  • Real Estate Details: Access information on property ownership and real estate interests.
  • More Ways to Connect: Find extra email addresses and phone numbers to broaden your outreach.
  • Legal Records: Review any available civil or criminal legal records for comprehensive background checks.
  • Demographic Insights: Delve into detailed demographic information for a deeper understanding.
  • Extended Information: Tap into additional valuable details from broader datasets for a full picture.
Step into Detailed Customer Insights

Each summary in your search results is accompanied by a blue information icon. This icon is your key to unlocking a wealth of detailed information. A simple click transports you to the Record Detail screen, where the narrative of each record is expanded beyond the surface.

The Importance of Digging Deeper

Engaging with the blue information icon does more than just reveal more data; it opens up a realm of insights critical for making informed decisions. Whether you’re aiming to reconnect, verify someone’s background, or ensure the genuineness of interactions, the detailed information accessible through this feature becomes indispensable.
Caspar makes bridging the gap between cursory summaries and in-depth analyses effortless. By delving into the detailed records, you’re equipped with a comprehensive understanding of each individual, powered by Caspar’s robust, detailed view. This approach not only enriches your search experience but also empowers you with knowledge to navigate your inquiries with confidence.

Caspar's Search Capabilities

Searching by name

Simplified Reverse Name Search with Caspar

Find Anyone, Effortlessly. With Caspar’s Smart Name Search, locating someone like ‘Robert Smith’ is a breeze, no matter the name variation. Just enter any form of the name—be it full name, initials, or a mix—in a single search box. Caspar intelligently explores every possible variant:

  • Robert Peter Smith or Smith, Robert Peter
  • Robert P Smith or Smith, Robert P
  • Robert Smith or Smith, Robert
  • R P Smith or Smith, R P
  • R Smith or Smith, R

Caspar ensures you’ll find the exact person you’re searching for, regardless of how their name is listed or abbreviated. Discover the power of seamless search with Caspar.

search by phone

Search Phone Numbers and Reveal Ownership Records

Discover Any Phone Number and Its Owner Effortlessly. Caspar’s Phone Search goes beyond just finding phone numbers from a few digits; it connects you to the owner and reveals their social media profiles when possible. Just enter any part of the number:

  • Full Number Search: Look up exact match 10-digit numbers directly.
  • Area Code Search: Completes 8-digit numbers by trying different area codes. Example: Enter “7010 5566”, Caspar reveals “02 7010 5566”, and more.
  • Partial Number Search: Finds numbers beginning with 5-7 digits in any area code. Example: Enter “55506”, Caspar reveals “02 5550 6xxx”, and more.

Caspar also offers a ping test to check if the number is active. Seamlessly search phone numbers, identify owners, and view their online profiles with Caspar.

Search by email@

Reveal Email Digital Identities with full Enrichment

Caspar transforms the way you search for email addresses into a simple, yet powerful, exploration. It’s designed for anyone to easily track down who an email address belongs to, check if the email is active, and discover any linked social media profiles. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Domain Variation and Ownership Identification: Caspar searches for different domain endings of an input email, such as ““, finding variations (e.g.,, It goes further by identifying the owner’s information and verifying the email’s active connectivity.
  • User-Only Searches with Broad Insights: By inputting a username followed by ‘@’, Caspar explores across domains (e.g.,, to find matches. Each match comes with ownership details, connectivity status, and any linked social media accounts, providing a comprehensive view of the email owner’s digital identity.

Caspar is your go-to for connecting with people behind the emails. It’s not just about finding an email; it’s about creating a complete picture of the email owner’s online identity in a user-friendly manner.

Searching by address

Effortless Address Finding with Caspar's Smart Search

Easily Locate Any Address, Even with Mistakes. Caspar’s Smart Address Search makes finding places simple, no matter the small errors or incomplete details in your address input. Just type in what you know, and Caspar does the rest, smartly correcting and connecting the dots:

  • Misspelled Streets? No Problem. Enter “995 Burk St, Glen Iris” (which is a non-existing address) and Caspar cleverly finds “995 Burke Road, Camberwell” for you.
  • Guesswork Gone. Caspar looks beyond exact matches, exploring nearby places and similar names to ensure you find the right spot.

With Caspar, you’re never far from finding your destination or locating a person, despite uncertainties or errors in the address provided. Unlock the simplicity of smart, flexible searches with Caspar, where every search leads you closer to the right place.

Refining the results

Refine Your Search for Fraud Prevention with Caspar

Utilise Caspar effectively to combat fraud by integrating comprehensive details such as name, birth date, and location, ensuring the authenticity of individuals:

  • Targeted Precision: When you enter details like “John Citizen, 27-05-1985, Melbourne,” Caspar meticulously narrows down the search. It checks the provided details against our verified records to see if they exist and if the details provided match the actual person. This process eliminates potential fraudsters by verifying an exact match, enhancing the security of your interactions.
  • Strength in Details: Supplying specifics (name, DOB, city, postcode) sharpens Caspar’s accuracy. Every detail you add is another layer of verification, significantly reducing the risk of encountering fraudulent identities.
  • Essential for Security: This targeted approach is crucial for fraud prevention. By ensuring that all details match up through Caspar’s verification process, you’re effectively safeguarding against deception and securing your operations.

Leveraging Caspar in this way not only aids in finding people but also plays a key role in verifying identities and preventing fraud. It’s about making sure that every interaction and transaction is secure, providing you with the assurance that you’re dealing with genuine individuals.

What our customers say about Caspar

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"Caspar has proven to be an amazing asset for our team. In more than 95% of cases, it consistently provides detailed information about our customers or applicants. The depth and accuracy of the data returned by Caspar is truly remarkable, exceeding our expectations all the time."

BNPL Client
Head of Data

"As a debt recovery agency, locating customers is central to our operations. We have experimented with various systems in the past, but none have matched Caspar's capabilities. It stands out for its extensive data volume, unmatched accuracy, and reliability. Caspar has become our primary tool."

Credit Collection Client
GM of Operations

"Traditionally, we relied solely on internal data sources and programs, but subscribing to Caspar has marked a significant advancement for our operations. Initially, we intended to use Caspar exclusively in our KYC and fraud detection teams. However, impressed by its performance and the quality of data, we expanded its application to include our credit risk and collections departments. A great tool."

Major Banking Client
Head of Data Sourcing

"Caspar has been so important on how we approach lending and investment decisions in Australia. It provides us with comprehensive background data that is crucial for customer decision-making. What sets Caspar apart is its access to a broader range of alternative data, which goes beyond standard information sources. This capability has significantly improved our risk management practices."

Finance & Leasing Client
Chief Risk Officer

"Caspar has proven to be an invaluable asset for our operations. It not only allows us to reconnect with clients within seconds but also serves as a comprehensive tool for background screening during our hiring processes. We also use it for customer file enrichment, employment verification, and fraud checks. Highly recommend!"

Insurance Client
Team Leader Operations

"We have used cheaper skiptracing software offered out there, but I guess you pay for what you get. Caspar is so much more advanced than anything else we have used. The other skiptracing systems I have used were so outdated compared to Caspar."

Private Investigator
Managing Director

"We need to be able to disclose the data lineage to our customers if asked. Caspar is the only solution that allows our compliance team to do that. We won't use the others as they don't support us with disclosing their data origins."

Banking Client
Head of Data Governance


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Key Features of Caspar

Caspar offers an unrivalled suite of features, tools, and data points tailored for businesses seeking the most comprehensive and accurate information on individuals throughout Australia. Unmatched by any competitor tool, Caspar outperforms competitor platforms in data compliance, system security, data lineage, and precision, establishing itself as the premier choice for thorough and reliable individual data insights.

ip address

Reverse IP Lookup

Identify entities or people behind a specific IP address.

person match

Fraud Signals Check

Detect fraud or data anomalies with Caspar’s extended real-time data sources

commercial search

ABN Look-Up

Swiftly verify and retrieve details of an Australian Business Number, linked to individuals, businesses and trusts.


Phone Number Checks

Validate and verify who is behind a phone number, whether connected or not.


Email Verification

Validate and verify who is behind an email address, no matter whether complete or not.

Full Reverse Searching

Full Reverse Searching

Search minimal data points to retrieve a full 360 degree consumer KYC profile.

Spouse & Relative Searching

Spouse & Relative Searching

Discover associations by searching for spouses and relatives of individuals. Easily discoverable with a single click.

deceased check

Death Check

Verify if an individual has been reported as deceased with official authoritative data.

Social Media Details

Social Media Details

Retrieve accurate, unmodelled, social media profiles linked to the actual consumer profile.

informative data

Phone & Email Status

Discover whether a phone or email address is live or disconnected and also if the phone is on the Do Not Call Register.

court check

Criminal & Civil Court Check

Review an individual’s history of court records whether criminal, civil or bankruptcy.

Spatial Mapping Features

Spatial Mapping Features

Visualise and analyse data points on interactive geographical maps.

Real Estate Data

Access detailed sale & rental information on properties and the relevant occupants.

person auto-trace

Auto-Tracing Feature

Pioneers of this technology that associates current and historical data personas and family members.

One-Click Export

One-Click Export

Instantly download and extract a PDF report with a single-click. Alternatively export CSV pages for deeper analysis.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to your questions and understand how our KYC software delivers unparalleled value and security for your business
How does Caspar differ to competitor solutions?

Caspar provides unmatched system and data security, featuring multi-factor authentication and granting clients access to structured and transparent data lineage. Competitor solutions fall short of Caspar’s standards, that include real-time, compliant, and authoritative data sources, along with its trusted ISO-certified processes for data storage. Some competitors can’t demonstrate compliantly, where their data was sourced and place your organisation at risk of privacy complaints.

What questions should I consider when selecting a data vendor?

When evaluating data vendors or data systems, it is crucial to verify their commitment to exceptional data security standards, given the highly private and confidential nature of the data being entrusted to their systems. At a minimum, ensure they can present their ISO certifications, complete data and security attestations, and clearly articulate their data retention policies by providing evidence. Some competitor vendors lack the ability to furnish this essential and basic  information, potentially exposing your organisation to significant data privacy risks and therefore cannot be approved in your ‘Supply Chain.’

How often is the data in Caspar updated?

Caspar’s data is updated in real-time, with the integration of hundreds of thousands of new records every Monday and monthly updates to data-card changes. This ensures the most current and comprehensive information is always available. In contrast, many competitor solutions update their systems only once or twice a year, significantly lagging behind Caspar’s dynamic and timely data refreshment.

Am I able to see how a record was constructed?

Yes, Caspar offers comprehensive data lineage, a feature that is enabled by default for our banking and fintech clients. Should this be a requirement for your organisation, we can readily activate it on your account. Caspar stands alone as the only solution in the market that provides full data lineage, ensuring adherence to privacy standards and ISO compliance, setting it apart from many competitor solutions.

What is the consumer suppression process?

We assure our clients of comprehensive consumer suppression support, complete with a dedicated contact department. When utilising Caspar, you are guaranteed assistance in clarifying to consumers how and where their records were obtained. Our proactive support in this process significantly reduces the likelihood of privacy complaints from disgruntled consumers. A notable number of our recent clients have transitioned from competitor services, which lacked effective suppression processes, that could lead to national Australian Privacy Principle (APP) concerns.

What makes the Caspar social media data different?

Caspar stands at the forefront of social media data accuracy, supplying information exclusively when it is linked to consumer universe data metrics. Uniquely, we offer the only system capable of conducting social media verifications through two distinct methods: first, via contact metrics, and second, through social media URLs. This dual-capability verification process is unmatched by any competitor, positioning Caspar as a leader in the field.

Is Caspar just a skiptracing platform?

Caspar is now extensively utilised in fraud detection and by the banking sector for Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. Originally developed as a skip tracing engine, Caspar has evolved to master this function with ease. Today, it is leveraged by law enforcement, forensic investigations, identity verification, and various other industries, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness across a broad spectrum of applications.

Is ISO27001 important when choosing a data vendor?

Yes. When handling sensitive data, it is imperative to partner with a data vendor that is ISO compliant. This ensures that your company can demonstrate compliance throughout the supplier chain. Engaging with any competitor system that lacks ISO compliance should be avoided, to mitigate risks and uphold stringent data security and privacy standards.

What is the cost of Caspar?

We offer two levels of license subscriptions, Caspar Basic and Pro, that are cost-effective and suitable for businesses of all sizes. Contact us for our tiered plans.

Is there a limit to the number of searches I can perform in Caspar?

No, there is no limit to the number of searches you can perform in Caspar. You can conduct as many searches as you need.

How soon can I get access to Caspar?

Our team will set you up with access usually the same day or the next.

Is Caspar compliant with data privacy laws?

Caspar adheres to Australian data privacy laws, including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the National Australian Privacy Principles (APP) regulations. Our data collection practices are in strict accordance with our ISO 27001 controls, ensuring the highest standards of data security and privacy compliance.

Do we get support and training with Caspar?

Yes, we provide friendly staff and free training sessions to assist you.