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Look Up The History Of Any Australian Address With Caspar

Looking for an easy and reliable way to find someone's current address or their previous places of residence in Australia? Look no further than Caspar's Australian address history search tool. With just a few clicks, you can access extensive address information for any Australian address or occupancy and how long they have resided at that address, which usually determines if they are a homeowner or renter.

Caspar’s extensive residential dataset contains over 30 years of current and historical residential occupancy information, together with Sale and Rental information and other important contact metrics.

No matter the project or business case, when you need to find a current address for someone, Caspar's search tool is the most comprehensive and user-friendly option available. You have the ability to research current occupants of the address, previous occupants, and powerful relative “auto-tracing” to locate and associate relatives of the occupants, past and present.

There's nothing worse than thinking you have all the information you require on an address or the persons at the address, only to realize you don't have their current information, or all of the known occupants. It's frustrating and can feel like the history of the address is incomplete.

Caspar's Address History Search Tool is different from anything else on the market. We ensure our clients that they will be able to find any Australian address history within minutes, without any hassle. Our easy-to-use interface makes searching a breeze, and our comprehensive database will have you finding what you need in no time. Contact us today and request a demonstration.

 What our customers say

Banking client: Head of Fraud

“The best fraud assessment tool on the market in identifying false information.”

Skip Tracing client: Owner / MD

“I’ve used many Skip Tracing tools, but Caspar always outperforms the others and finds far more. I love the latest version 2.”

BNPL client: Head of Recoveries

“I love the deep dive searches it performs when selecting the blue information icon.”

IDV / AML client: Head of Data

“Caspar gets better and better. The data has always been great, the best of all, but the new features are amazing. Love using this system.”

KYC Investigation client: Risk Dept

“Skip Tracing is so easy with Caspar. They have an auto tracing feature for inexperienced users to help them. So good.”

Get the most accurate Australian address history results for your search

Caspar's Australian Address History Search Tool is an advanced, accurate and powerful search tool. Our residential occupancy information will provide the most recent and historical Australian address information available
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