Batch Skip Tracing

Make your Batch Skip Tracing a breeze with Caspar

Do you have large skiptracing volumes? Are your staff having trouble obtaining accurate contact information for their skip tracing needs? If so, you're not alone and many large skiptracing departments are struggling to keep up with the demanding volumes of skiptracing.

The average person in your skiptracing department, wastes many hours each week trying to track down people and data that assists them with locating debtors or persons of interest. What if there was a way to instantly get the information you need without all the wasted time and effort? Well, now there is!

Our Caspar batch skip tracing tools are the most efficient, accurate, and powerful tools available on the market, providing you with the easiest way to find the people you're looking for in bulk. With our powerful search portal and up-to-date databases, including batch skiptracing and datawashing, you can find anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Simply load as many or as little records as you like and watch our batch skiptracing portal perform voluminous Skiptrace searches, appending new contact information, leaving your staff to undertake more important work. Automate the process via SFTP, or load and control the data yourself.

We guarantee that you'll be satisfied with the bulk results and efficiency in getting through the large volumes of data.
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 What our customers say

Banking client: Head of Fraud

“The best fraud assessment tool on the market in identifying false information.”

Skip Tracing client: Owner / MD

“I’ve used many Skip Tracing tools, but Caspar always outperforms the others and finds far more. I love the latest version 2.”

BNPL client: Head of Recoveries

“I love the deep dive searches it performs when selecting the blue information icon.”

IDV / AML client: Head of Data

“Caspar gets better and better. The data has always been great, the best of all, but the new features are amazing. Love using this system.”

KYC Investigation client: Risk Dept

“Skip Tracing is so easy with Caspar. They have an auto tracing feature for inexperienced users to help them. So good.”

The only skip tracing software you'll ever need

Skip tracing is an essential tool for anyone in the business of finding people. Whether you're a debt collector, a private investigator, or just trying to find a long-lost friend, Caspar can help you find anyone, anywhere, in just a few clicks.
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