Key Features of our Caspar Online Search Portal

Caspar functionality at a glance:

  • Full reverse searching on many variables such as telephone numbers and emails.
  • Usual searching parameters such as name; address; phone number; wild card searching and cross matching across all fields.
  • Display the results of an entire street with one easy search & sorting.
  • Auto tracing/locating feature with weighted results for inexperienced users or larger corporations who need to get through volumes fast or train staff.
  • Relative/sibling searching done easily with one simple search.
  • Display the historical results of an occupancy history at a particular address easily by selecting the address of interest (over 20 years of information).
  • Display the historical results of an individuals movement or resident history.
  • Real Estate data (Sale & Rental) find out if the person of interest is selling or buying, or even a tenant.
  • Court debtor Judgement Information.
  • Deceased Estate records, we flag known deceased persons to avoid unnecessary or embarrassing contact.
  • Exporting and Printing page results for ease of CRM use.
  • ABN Lookup & commercial searching that provides business linkages to the consumer if known.
  • User Account Statistics to monitor staff searching and usage.
  • Review your previous search history in activity for further reference if required.
  • Partial searching on many variables such as phone numbers and emails.
  • Smart filter searching which is automatically a *wildcard on any field (no *asterix needed) you can specifically search by un-ticking the relevant box, very useful when searching for ethnicity groups (e.g. Joe aka Giuseppe).
  • Auto-street search address populates when a suburb is only known but spelling name of street is unknown.
  • Auto suburb corrector and populates as a predictor.
  • Sort by all headers and fields.
  • Locate the correct person by viewing DOB or age records (we boast the most comprehensive).
  • Keep an eye out for the information icon that provides very specific information such as whether the person is currently located in an aged care facility or even a correctional facility and much more.
  • Usual admin privileges.
  • User can instantly check on screen whether a phone number is connected.
  • User can instantly check on screen if an email address is deliverable.
  • Check consumer demographics.
  • Real Estate mapping features.

Pricing plan to suit all users

Global Data have catered for all types of clients and users, from the smaller or casual user and medium to larger corporate clients through to those in the corporate banking and government sector. When you review our pricing plans you will discover an annual subscription plan to suit the kind of use you require from the platform. You can purchase certain quantities of monthly daypasses at very low prices or you can purchase a permanent number of seating licences for larger or more frequent use. High end users that wish to purchase greater volumes of seating licences can contact us for a more tailored or designed plan. Caspar pricing was designed to be affordable to all and not one particular type of client.

Data quality & quantity

Caspar boasts a substantial data set of over 500+ Million records, reported over a 20 year period, together with in excess of 17+ million current records. Our data is appended, validated, replenished and updated daily. Others claim to have comprehensive data but simply do not. Our clients review our Caspar platform against the others and constantly provide feedback on how the others have too many gaps or insufficient information. Clients are often unable to follow the whereabouts of an individual after a particular period of time or year on their platform, but have no such problem on our Caspar platform. What locates individuals? Quality data does and that is what Caspar will do for you and your business. We have over 500 sources of data, that make up the Caspar platform that others simply do not have within their tracing portal, “you will notice the difference when comparing results.”

Create multiple users to maximise usage

One of the most helpful and popular features of Caspar (once you subscribe to the seating plan of preference), gives you the ability to create one admin user within your company, who can control, remove and issue further username and passwords for access to multiple users. E.g. Tony from company XYZ purchases a 10 seat plan; the first seat can be issued to Tony as administrator and now Tony has the ability to set up as many users as required to search on Caspar. Although Tony has set up 20 users, only 10 (which includes Tony as the administrator) can simultaneously access Caspar at the one time. The benefit of this is that the administrator (in this case Tony) has the ability to disconnect a user’s session if they are idle and allow others to use Caspar that need it. Also, with many companies now having staff working different hours, this feature allows usage without additional seat purchasing as staff can all be issued with a username and password for rostered access.