Need to find debtors or people across Australia fast?

With over 800,000+ searches performed each month, our latest Version 2 of Caspar has been designed specifically to locate, identify and know more about consumers across Australia. It is has been Australia’s superior Skip tracing and Identity / KYC Cloud Portal for many years now.

Caspar V2 now available!

Caspar gives you the strength to locate missing debtors and persons of interest with ease. Discover where they have moved to and their new contact details. It is designed to get you back in touch with them quickly and easily.

Caspar gives your organisation access to over half a billion consumer records, containing both current and historical information. No other Skiptracing and Identity KYC platform matches Caspar’s comprehensive coverage on Australian Consumers, nor its cutting-edge technology to refine your searching capabilities.

 Whether it is to locate persons or simply know more about them from a background check perspective, Caspar is your answer.

 Caspar is cloud based and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere around the world, from any device with an internet connection. With a user-friendly interface, it is simple to use and caters for both the experienced and inexperienced user.

“Caspar has new data streams added daily for comprehensive search results.”

Some of Caspar’s Key Data Strengths

Full names and residential addresses
Phone number (Landline & Mobiles)
Email addresses
Age records
Deceased flags
Employment Info
Demographic KYC information
Business linkages to consumer
Sale and Rental Real Estate data
Mapping tools and much more
Social Media Info
Court Info
Do Not Call Register

Some Functionality within Caspar

Full reverse searching on names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses
Fuzzy Searching
Our Auto-Tracing technology that assists inexperienced users to trace debtors and consumers at the single click of a button
Spouse and relative searching capability
Display all occupants at an address including all prior occupants (over 20 years of information)
Export page results to import into your CRM with one simple click
ABN Look-up and business linkage searching
Spatial Mapping features for KYC and Real Estate

Connectivity test all phone numbers and emails on screen for deliverability to avoid unnecessarily contacting disconnected phone numbers or emails that will bounce
Full staff / user reporting capability on usage and KPI checking
Real-time reports and additional new external data streams on Socials / Court Info and Employment info
Access to the Australian Death Register (on government approval) to protect your brand and reputation
Check if a phone number is registered on ACMA's Do Not Call Register

Ready to see Caspar in action?

Let us show you how Caspar can help your business now

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