Deep Learning is changing our awareness on the way we view all kinds of data. Many are excited about artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning at the moment. Amazing opportunities exist for those that are searching for products that will increase their ROI on data performance.

It has been predicted by many that during 2018, many deep learning tools and algorithms will be available within standard software products. As such, Global Data, will introduce the first set of standard tools inside its Quester Marketing Platform in the next 30 days. Some of these features will also migrate across to its other platform, Caspar.

On February, 2016, we indicated that our Quester Marketing platform will become interactive (see The need for these changes is evident as technology propels forward with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities. It is expected that software solutions be able to do more these days to take out the “heavy lifting.” Bigdata can often be difficult to dissect, but with Quester, it will be made easier

In order leverage the best consumer data across Australia, we need to be able to understand our existing consumer audience. What better way than to have Quester analyse your data files and in minutes build you marketing queries to extract more B2C data of the same kind, that is proving successful. Quester will report who is your audience, where they located and in “lay man’s terms” find you more without effort!

Questers new analytical engine, powered by its internal data universe “Pango” will learn how your data is performing and store the algorithmic information for you, for all your future campaigning, thus meaning you do not have to work out where your audience is located within Australia.

The new Quester upgrade will contain powerful mapping and audience targeting tools that will blow the mind of any marketing expert wanting to find their consumer audience quickly and with extreme precision; all online and within minutes!

In an age where scientists are trying to predict earthquakes and understand illnesses such as cancer, machine learning software will drive 2018 and the next decade. Many schools and those in the education fraternity have begun catering for this by introducing workshops and courses. “Exciting times.”

For more information on the new Quester Marketing platform, feel free to contact our office on 03 9948 4089 and we will arrange access.


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