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Find anyone, anytime, with Caspar People Search.

Many companies run into a situation where they need to find or verify information on people of interest, or have to perform some backgrounds checks on individuals, as it may be required for pre-screening employment, finding people that owe them money or simple application documentation verifications, such as account creations.
You may be running a business where you offer the services of reconnecting people with old friends or tracking down lost relatives. You may be undertaking a Genealogy family tree and need to fill in the missing family history details. Whatever the reason, Caspar People Search can help in so many ways in filling in those gaps and providing valuable information. 
Caspar people search, is a powerful tool that allows you to find someone, with limited information. Plus, you can conduct background checks to get more information on the person you're looking for. With our effective people search function, you can search for information by using any of the following:
  • Full or partial names (even just a surname)
  • Full or partial phone numbers
  • Full or partial email addresses
  • Full or partial residential addresses
  • AutoTrace relatives and so much more
Our system assures that our people search functionality will help you find the information you need quickly and easily. We have a wide range of resources and databases that we use to find the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. If you're not satisfied with the results of your search, just let us know and our expert team will be happy to help you further.Contact us today to request a demonstration.

 What our customers say

Banking client: Head of Fraud

“The best fraud assessment tool on the market in identifying false information.”

Skip Tracing client: Owner / MD

“I’ve used many Skip Tracing tools, but Caspar always outperforms the others and finds far more. I love the latest version 2.”

BNPL client: Head of Recoveries

“I love the deep dive searches it performs when selecting the blue information icon.”

IDV / AML client: Head of Data

“Caspar gets better and better. The data has always been great, the best of all, but the new features are amazing. Love using this system.”

KYC Investigation client: Risk Dept

“Skip Tracing is so easy with Caspar. They have an auto tracing feature for inexperienced users to help them. So good.”

Searching for people just got easier!

With Caspar, you can find anyone, anywhere, with just a name, phone number, or address.
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