A Skip Tracing Solution that gets results

Our Caspar Skip Tracing solution has been developed to assist numerous industries with identifying and locating Australian consumers and their contact information. Our highly advanced Cloud Portal will give you access to bulk or single search Skip Tracing data and delivers outstanding results. It is the preferred investigative tool used across Australia, to locate Australian consumers. Used by Banks, Unclaimed Money Agents, Insurance Companies, Real Estate Agents, Mercantile and Debt Collection Agents and so many other industries. When your Skip Tracing staff have access to Caspar, they have access to over 800 Million current and historical Australian consumer data records. Other Skip Tracing tools do not come close to our quality and coverage of data. Caspar’s innovative features allow your staff to search beyond those restricted boundaries and skip trace powerfully and accurately every time.

What are the benefits and where does Caspar help?

Batch Skip Tracing

Locate people and their contact information across Australia in bulk. Our highly sophisticated Caspar solution allows you to upload CSV spreadsheets of contact data and it will trace them all in minutes. No manual staff labour required. Save on software licenses with this amazing feature.

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People Searching

Whether you need to find Australian consumers for their updated contact information such as new mobile phone numbers, email addresses, Social Media handles or residential addresses, Caspar has you completely and thoroughly covered. We have unmatched data points and national coverage.

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Often it is hard to know whether the information customers have provided you are true, accurate or up to date. With Caspar and a few simple clicks, the truth is revealed instantly. A great investigative, fraud assessment tool, which will unravel false information and mitigate risk for your business.

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Mercantile / Debt Recovery Tools

Caspar is widely used by many Debt Collection / Recovery organisations across Australia. With notable features designed specifically for their industry to locate debtors fast. Reverse search phone numbers and emails and discover if debtors have multiple court appearances, or whether they are residing with relatives.

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Unclaimed Money Agent Tools

Refund Agents are often searching for consumers across Australia to notify them that they have Unclaimed Money with various government departments. With limited information that is often incomplete, Caspar finds these consumers fast and provides their new residential address and contact information.

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Australian Address History

With over 800 Million current and historical records, dating back approximately 30 years, Caspar will give you access to all or many of the existing occupants of an Australian Residential address, including previous occupants. This is a great tool for property ownership / occupancy history and research for all Real Estate Agents.

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Australian B2C Data

Caspar is an all-in-one Skip Tracing solution that allows your organisation to work with data in multiple aspects. Extract PII and enrich your data with our data, or work without PII and only verify and match information, where you do not wish to house or store personal information. Great for those that want to use Caspar for Skip Tracing or Identity Verification.

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Australian Business Lookup

Our Caspar Skip Tracing system allows you to research businesses and identify an array of information used for many KYB purposes. Find out if they are registered, have any adverse court listings, are linked to sole traders, partnerships or Trusts and so much more. In a few clicks, reveal valuable business information.

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Australia’s most advanced Skip Tracing & Investigations Software Portal

Whether people searching, skip tracing, genealogy searching or undertaking mercantile investigations, Caspar outperforms all other solutions and will keep you ahead of your competitors.
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How it works 

Skip Tracing and Mercantile Agents are instructed to locate debtors when they cannot be contacted or found. These companies need tools such as Caspar to locate these people or businesses. Skip Tracing software such as Caspar, make it possible for these organisations to discover their new residential addresses, new phone numbers, new email addresses, whether they are now deceased, employed and so much more.

The best Skip Tracing solution starts with quality and comprehensive national data coverage, because, let’s face it, without data coverage you will not be able to effectively locate debtors or persons of interest. Caspar boasts the largest, most accurate and comprehensive Australia Consumer dataset of all. With close to one billion current and historical Australian B2C records and contact points. Major Identity Verification companies leverage our data universe globally, due to its comprehensive coverage.

The Caspar all in one Skip Tracing solution allows you to research records one to one. Simply key in any information you have such as a last known address, old phone number or email, or just the persons name and watch Caspar return an array of information previously unknown, that will assist in tracing their whereabouts. Of course, if you prefer to save on staff costs and want to perform all of your Skip Tracing in bulk, our solution allows you to upload a file of outdated information and our system will Bulk Skip Trace and enrich your old file, with our updated and more current data, with little or no staff assistance.

What our customers say

Banking client: Head of Fraud

“The best fraud assessment tool on the market in identifying false information.”

Skip Tracing client: Owner / MD

“I’ve used many Skip Tracing tools, but Caspar always outperforms the others and finds far more. I love the latest version 2.”

BNPL client: Head of Recoveries

“I love the deep dive searches it performs when selecting the blue information icon.”

IDV / AML client: Head of Data

“Caspar gets better and better. The data has always been great, the best of all, but the new features are amazing. Love using this system.”

KYC Investigation client: Risk Dept

“Skip Tracing is so easy with Caspar. They have an auto tracing feature for inexperienced users to help them. So good.”


  • How often is the data in Caspar updated?

    We update our data daily. Our data is updated in real-time for those clients that have Caspar Pro licenses leveraging extended datasets. In addition, we integrate hundreds of thousands of new records every Monday morning and we display our data-card changes monthly.

  • What is the cost of Caspar?

    We offer two levels of license subscriptions. We have a Caspar Basic and Pro version. Both are cost effective and suit all size businesses. Simply contact us for a tailored plan.

  • What if I only want to do Bulk Skip Tracing?

    If your company does not wish to take out a subscription, or requires casual access only, you can get access to our PAYG datawashing facility and Bulk Skip Tracing Software “Insiight.”

  • How soon can I get access to Caspar?

    We have a team that will set you up with access usually the same day or the next.

  • Do we get support and training with Caspar?

    Yes, absolutely. We have friendly staff that will book in free training sessions to assist you.

Locate Consumers with accuracy and precision

Whether you are looking to confirm a record or fill in the gaps, Caspar provides all of the data points to make this possible.
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