Confirm Death & Locate Next of Kin

Gain access to over 3 million Australian death records dated from 2000 onwards, genealogists can quickly and easily identify deceased individuals and reference them in their research. It can help them start the process to uncover valuable family history information, such as the cause of death, date of death and burial location.

A common use case for the Australian Death Check service is to confirm the death of an individual and locate their next of kin. This is particularly important in cases where the individual has passed away without leaving a will or without any known heirs. Often genealogists are tasked with this investigation.

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Confirm death & locate family

A solicitor may be tasked with administering the estate of a deceased individual. In order to do so, they must first locate the next of kin of the deceased. If the individual has no living relatives or their whereabouts are unknown, the solicitor may need to take further steps to locate them, such as placing advertisements in local newspapers or contacting various government agencies. Genealogists are often engaged to confirm the death date and associate the deceased to next of kins. Our Australian Death Check data, together with our Caspar solution handles this task in minutes and seamlessly.

Fill in gaps in family history

If a genealogist is missing key information about a particular individual in their family tree, confirming their death or knowing whether they are still alive can help to fill in gaps in the family history. This can provide valuable information about the individual’s life and their family connections. Often existing family members are unaware whether a relative is still living or not and a simple Australian Death Check with our solution will answer this quickly.

Investigations & Credit enquiries

Collection agencies, financial institutions and insurance companies often require the services of private investigators or genealogists to determine whether a particular person is alive or has passed away. In such cases, our solution can assist immediately. The Australian Death Check service provides a reliable and accurate way for genealogists to confirm the death of an individual and gather important information for these organisations. This helps them to avoid unwanted collection activity and to prevent embarrassing contact with the family. By using our solution, these organisations can ensure compliance with legal requirements and demonstrate respect for the grieving family.

eliminate inaccurate data

Eliminate the Risks of Inaccurate Data

In today’s business landscape, data accuracy is paramount. Inaccurate data can lead to financial losses, damage to brand reputation and loss of customer trust. The Australian Death Check service provides a reliable and accurate way for commercial organisations to cleanse their customer databases against national death records.

family history

Uncover Valuable Family History Information

Genealogists require accurate and up-to-date death records to ensure the completeness and accuracy of their research. This service offers several benefits to genealogists, including;

  • Access to over 3 million national death records
  • Daily updates to ensure data accuracy
  • Fast and reliable way to identify deceased individuals
  • Save time & resources in family history research
  • Uncover valuable family history information
  • Avoid tracing the ancestry of someone who has already passed away

What our customers say

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"Implementing this online death check solution has significantly changed our approach to investigating annuities fraud. By accurately identifying deceased persons within our database, we have achieved remarkable improvements in fraud detection. This tool is a must in our industry."

Life Insurance Client
Head of Fraud

"Before adopting Global Data’s online death check solution, we frequently faced the sensitive challenge of unintentionally contacting the families of deceased clients, a situation that led to numerous distressing experiences. Now, with this tool, we can proactively identify deceased individuals in our contacts early and prevent the unnecessary contact."

Credit & Collections Client
Chief Executive Officer

"For our trustee services, identifying deceased records and locating next of kin is crucial. Global Data’s service has been amazing, especially with its bulk upload feature. This functionality allows us to efficiently process thousands of records in minutes simultaneously, saving us considerable time and effort. The capability to handle large volumes of data with ease has been exceptionally beneficial for our operations."

Trustee Government Client
Head Trustee Estates

"As a large charity, we were increasingly confronted with negative public feedback due to inadvertently sending mail to deceased individuals. This not only caused distress among bereaved families but also damaged our brand's reputation. Since integrating Global Data’s solution, we've effectively eliminated this issue. The system is remarkably easy to use and resolved years of challenges in just minutes. Well done GD."

Major Charity Client
Head of Acquisitions

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"We need this service to identify deceased records for our Trustee services. It has been valuable having the bulk upload feature, as we are often uploading thousands of records at a given time. Really handy."

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Protect your business reputation with our Australian Death Check solution. Maintain data accuracy as required by law, improve customer experience, save money and fight fraud.

ADC Death Check


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