Australian Death Check

The Australian Death Check is a new data cleansing service that is the only official source of national death data for Australia.

Global Data, with the Australian Death Check:
bulk cleanses data in just minutes
offers a single source of truth
gives immediate access to the most up-to-date death data in Australia
adheres to data protection law and regulations
customer data isn’t stored
is a fully secure system
is a scalable service to suit any business

Don’t make headline news for the wrong reasons

When a business uses inaccurate customer data, things can go wrong quickly.

In some cases, the reputational damage can be irreparable, customer trust is broken, and financial loss inevitable.
Global Data, with the Australian Death Check, will help you to maintain the accuracy of your data, which is a legal requirement under the Australian Privacy Act.

By cleansing your customer information and identifying deceased persons, you will also protect your brand, improve customer experience and save money. It’s the right thing to do, for your customers and your business.

Fight fraud

Many crime syndicates are known to use deceased person’s identity, to fraudulently conduct business, apply for accounts, credit, mobile phone contracts, and much more.

Global Data, with the Australian Death Check will ensure that no damage is sustained to your business and more importantly, to the family of the deceased. If reputation is everything to your business, these Australian Death Checks should be incorporated into your processes.

Global Data is an “approved” Data Service Broker for the official government Australian Death Check register.

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