Over the past couple of months, we launched a new product called Quester Online. A marketing portal that currently provides Australian B2C data leads for end-user clients such as Charities; Franchisees; Mortgage Brokers; List Brokers; Finance companies and other related industries.

Since launch, we have prided ourselves on listening to our clients that came on board early and added some features that they wanted included, together with features we said and promised that were “coming soon.” So many new valuable features are now included on our Quester Marketing Portal and there are so many more to come.

We were told by so many not to launch this Consumer Data Portal. We were told it won’t succeed and that so many have tried and failed. The constant pessimistic comments that were bestowed upon us only made us more determined to prove that it could be done and would be done. “That’s exactly what we did.”

Now the funny part! Since launch, we are told that a few of our “so called” competitors now want to follow in our footsteps and launch one of their own. Instead of being pessimistic, we will say this….Do it and do it properly. Care about your clients; listen to them and guess what? Maybe you’ll see that it can actually succeed. By the way, we are all about Quality (of Data) not Quantity. Whilst we do boast a huge B2C database, we are primarily concerned about its quality first.

What are our clients saying? Well, after some initial teething problems in our Beta pre-release of the portal, they are simply astounded at how we listened and made the changes they wanted to see. The data quality is high, the User Interface of Quester is very friendly and explanatory, the Demographics are extremely useful for campaigning to target audiences, the searching filters make it easy to find the consumer they want and having access 24 hours a day 7 days a week has been of immense benefit to prepare marketing campaigns for the following week.

Yesterday, as part of a promise and commitment to our clients, in particular those Telemarketing clients, we integrated into Quester, Phone-line Connectivity checks, fully automated and performed instantly on downloading the data, as we did with the DNC (Do not call). This means that all of our data now comes with the guarantee of 99%+ connection rate. This commitment was something that was extremely important to us and we thank all of our customers that this morning, either called or emailed us saying “Thank you” Your appreciation was mind blowing and makes it worth while.

Stay tuned for more developments coming soon to Quester. We know that the biggest request we have had is for the inclusion of B2B Data. As promised, it will be coming soon in early 2016 with a whole lot more.


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