Finding your customers, when you want them and when you need them, has never been so easy. With Quester, you now have the ability to select a target audience, build your marketing list and download it to your computer in minutes, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Simply identify the category filters you wish to target, including the geographical area, the type of data you want, such as mobile phone numbers, landlines, age bands etc and our Online Portal will only deliver the exact audience you are targeting. This will ensure you are only downloading the data leads you actually need to start campaigning.

The Quester platform allows the user to first check how many records are available in the selected regions they are targeting thus enabling them to decide whether they need to market outside the region but in particular it allows the user to identify how large the campaign will be. As an example if you are targeting all males in a particular postcode, you may discover that in that particular postcode there may be more females. There are no charges for counts and you are even given an estimation of how many records are available to download.

Income demographics are now loaded on Quester online marketing. Search your Australian B2C consumer data with income bands and target your audience based on consumers income, together with other new demographic filters such as mortgage payers, renters, socio economic indicators and home-owner residency filters which determines length of time at address.

Marketing direct to consumers with these insights, helps with understanding whether your product or service is more likely to be suitable or not. We are constantly adding demographics and new filters to allow you to “drill down” specifically to the audience you are seeking.

Our free trial offer, gives you the ability to “test drive” our Consumer portal, receiving some free credit, you can download a small campaign and decide whether this product is for you. No obligation, no hidden agenda.

To get access, sign up to Quester and we will be in touch.


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