Identity Verification & Validation Solution

Our IDFEX API solution can be accessed in real time or offline and seamlessly integrates via API into your software. It will perform the necessary Identity validation and verification checks to determine if the person is who they say they are and detect any fraudulent information provided by them.
IDFEX plugs into our massive Australian Consumer Data Universe that contains an array of information that will ensure that the person of interest is verified. It also has the ability to be used as an automated “CRM updater” meaning calls can be made to the API to return new information, not presently known to your organisation or files. Queries can be flagged to indicate whether we have an exact match, partial match, no match or equally we can return the new or more accurate information for your records if required.

Some examples of Call Queries available;

Person Match

A consumers PII is entered together with their contact details and our system will simply return whether there was a match, or no match on any information provided. Matches are made against Full names, addresses, date of birth, contact phone numbers, email address etc.

Name Validate

This query advises whether the name used in the application, is in fact a real person’s name or a fake name. These calls are used by companies that want to employ fake name detectors into their data-driven systems.

Person Search

Used by hundreds of organisations that need to locate consumers across Australia. This is the search that powers our “Caspar Skiptracing Portal” except no staff are needed. The call is made to the API through many combinations and returns the consumers whereabouts and all contact information we have in the data universe on them.

Address Validate

This query will advise and score whether the Australian address is real and can be attended to in person and/or mailed to. It shows if the address is real, fake or partially correct in the application and a great tool for those companies providing goods on lease or hire purchase. Many organisations use this query call to eliminate “Return to Sender” mail (RTS) and great for CRM’s.

Person Autotrace

One of the most popular API calls made by our clients in IDFEX. This query also powers our “Caspar Skiptracing Portal” and is simply an amazing and revolutionary search that return bulk loads of consumer search results in seconds. It can trace hundreds, thousands, even millions of persons automatically, without the need for human intervention. This feature is saving organisations hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in staff man power.

Phone or Email Validate

Ever wanted to know if the phone number or email address provided is real or a fake? Well, this query on IDFEX will tell you in seconds. This feature is plugged into by many online applications and detects fake phone numbers and email addresses and will alert you if not real.

Query Calls

Make query calls to our universe on certain segments or on numerous data points collectively. IDFEX contains a variety of query types not listed here, please enquire with our office for further information.

With so many current useful automated queries (and more added from time to time), these automated queries are sure to save your organisation’s precious resources, namely staff manpower and speed up workflow efficiency.

Your company now has the ability and in seconds, to detect whether a consumer’s personal and contact information are true and accurate. Great tools for your risk assessment and due diligence processes.

Identity verification, Risk assessment and Know your Customer (KYC) processes are becoming an important part of business and now with IDFEX, you have the ability to simply validate, verify and match, or you have the ability to extract the new, updated, corrected and accurate information we have in our massive data universe.

Register your interest with Global Data today and request our API documentation and Sandbox access Test Environment account. If you require us to customise an API to suit your business needs, do not hesitate to enquire or if you would like to integrate with any of our products, please contact our office and book a suitable time to speak to our CTO. We can assist in building bespoke tools to manage your software applications and CRM to integrate easily with our data or particular API queries.

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