Finding your customers, when you want them and when you need them, has never been so easy. With Quester, you now have the ability to select a target audience, build your marketing list and download it to your computer in minutes, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. The marketing tool you have been waiting for.

Our Quester Online Marketing Portal can be accessed 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and only rests when you want it to. If you are running a busy telemarketing company, need leads for the next morning, you now have the option of downloading data minutes before your staff arrive. If you are running a company that requires data leads on weekends, Quester Online can be accessed anywhere at any time and provide you with that data leads you need at an instant.

Smarter marketing means Quester will keep a job history of all your data history and data counts. This means, if you were doing some marketing research in any particular region or counts on data available in those regions, these data counts are saved for you enabling you to then log back in at any time to convert that data count in to an actual order for download or when you are ready to campaign. Also in the job history are your previous job orders which can then be used to merge into any new data orders as an exclusion file. As an example, you may wish to campaign in the same area several months later and by merging in your previous order in Quester as an exclusion file, you will only get any new records we have added to the database or any that you did not previously download.


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