Global Data recently launched an API tool known by many as IDFEX. This new solution transforms the way your company will use Australian Consumer Data.

Whether you use consumer data to detect fraudulent online applications, know your customer (KYC) needs, locating persons of interest across Australia, validate and verify your CRM customers, datawashing and appending new information on consumers or for Sales and Marketing to a targeted segmented audience, IDFEX can do any and all of them, completely automated and without the need to utilize staff involvement, saving you thousands and thousands of dollars and in some cases millions of dollars per year.

If your company uses and relies on high quality consumer data across Australia, you would certainly be interested in reviewing IDFEX and its automated capabilities. Below is an example of a simple IDFEX automated benefit we recently implemented for one of our clients;

Global Data client X was searching for approximately 180,000 persons per month for their business model. It required approximately 6,000 individual searches per day by approximately 150 staff to execute and hit their targets. The subscription to the online platform spend was $6,000.00 per month and the staff cost on the employees per month was approximately $650,0000 to perform the workflow load. ……… IDFEX, once implemented, performed the 180,000 searches within 24 hours, not 30 days, required no staff intervention for the tracing or searching and only required a live API that is costing this particular client $15,000 per month. The 150 staff have been redirected to another useful workflow team that require assistance being the inbound / outbound call centre team to recover the debts.

Major organisations taking advantage of these automation tools such as Tier 1 Mercantile Credit Collection organisations, Financial Institutions and NFP Charities are quickly discovering massive business workflow outputs, creating unprecedented revenue growth and enormous reductions in staff labor costs.

This simple example above has been implemented for many where they desire to move their organization into the new age of automation and where your business is in dealing with Australian Consumers.

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