The emergence of Covid-19 in our economy illustrated the importance of businesses maintaining a strong online presence. Data was no exception. Organisations across the world required data in a more efficient and voluminous way, and the ability to leverage online systems allowed them to achieve this.

Amid lockdowns and online meetings, companies began re-evaluating the ways in which they leveraged and strategically worked with data. Global companies that once worked in a live data (PII) environment began to request anonymised data sets & marketing companies shifted to a less intrusive method of contact, primarily making use of EDM & SMS campaigns. Overall, we realised that companies were seeking a more frictionless way to leverage distinct types of data, and for good reason. The traditional methods of accessing data became far too time consuming, costly and inefficient and companies were spending more time having the data delivered, than utilising it.

The introduction of the Global Data Portal centralised our data solutions and services. Aside from creating a more seamless UX, companies could now leverage several types of data with one single point of access. This simple adjustment made a world of difference for our client base and was our first initial step to creating a stronger online presence. The integration of our B2C marketingdata cleansingidentity verificationADC (Death Checks) and skip tracing platforms gave our clients the opportunity to access certain products that they may have otherwise never been exposed to. Prior to this development, each product was siloed and required a different login to access. Aside from the obvious cross selling pressure this placed on our Sales & Marketing team, we found that many of our products were “flying under the radar.” Additionally, companies accessing our systems found it increasingly difficult to access different data sets in a more time effective manner, and this hindered our overall agility.

If we learnt anything from the pandemic, it’s that data is going to play a key part in shaping the business world for many years to come. Whether companies are leveraging data for analytics, marketing, enrichment, profiling, verification or to simply aid in restructuring internal systems, companies will continue to use data to create better, safer and more efficient business decisions. For this reason alone, data suppliers must continue to expose companies to different and more unique data sets, but in a more accessible and user-friendly way.

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